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Jasmine Jesus


Maestro (2023) Maestro is a powerful film on more levels than one. It follows the heartwarming yet tragic life of Leonard Bernstein, a talented composer who changed the world. He was a loving father, husband, friend, and genius; …


Saltburn (2023) Wow.⠀I am still processing this experience, which was watching Saltburn. I don’t think I’ve been so traumatised yet intrigued in my life. This movie knows exactly how to draw in your whole attention, wrap you around …


“Priscilla” 2023 Sofia Coppola has once again mesmerised us with stunning cinematography and a powerful story seamlessly translated through the film’s elements. It’s undeniable that Coppola authentically portrays womanhood and, more significantly, the real lives of women on …

“Turning Red”

“Turning Red” is not a film for children; it is more aimed toward adults and teens; however, it still seems childish at points or a little obnoxious in how it sees young girls, but it does save itself because of how it balances that with some profound and meaningful messages for young girls like me.