Next Goal Wins

Next Goal Wins (2023)

Next Goal Wins is the epitome of a feel-good family movie, encompassing comedy, a heartwarming true story, talented actors, and, most importantly, genuine emotion.

Taika Waititi has masterfully honed his filmmaking formula, and with each project, my appreciation for his work deepens, no matter how unconventional or distinctive it may be. His films consistently capture the essence of family, and “Next Goal Wins” is a prime example, where we quickly become invested in the characters and immersed in the compelling narrative. Waititi has taken a seemingly small story, which might have easily been overlooked, and transformed it into a larger-than-life tale filled with laughter and love.

Let’s begin by exploring the scriptwriting and comedy in this film. The humour is brilliantly crafted, delivering laughs every two minutes, making it universally enjoyable for all ages. The dry humour, juxtaposed against the emotional core of the story, proves to be a genius touch. It prevents the film from becoming overly serious or conforming to the traditional sports movie mould. The script feels exceptionally authentic, staying true to the characters portrayed by the talented actors. This authenticity elevates the biopic, preventing it from slipping into parody or feeling like a mere skit. Moments of dialogue like these anchor the film to its main purpose.

The beauty of this film lies in its moral lesson, making it a must-watch, especially for younger generations. It underscores the idea that the passion and enjoyment derived from the sport should be the primary driving force. The relationships, memories, and camaraderie formed with teammates and friends hold more significance than any league title or trophy.

The unexpected twist in the narrative emphasises this point, adding a profound emotional impact. It highlights that getting too consumed by pursuing perfection and being the absolute best can lead to losing sight of the truly important aspects of life. Through the protagonist’s journey, portrayed by Fassbender, the film imparts the valuable lesson that becoming too entrenched in one’s sport can lead to losing the initial love for the game.

The film doesn’t lean on flashy cinematography or action-packed scenes with professional footballers; it simply thrives on its heartwarming story. The straightforwardness of ‘Next Goal Wins’ adds a personal touch, making it even more enjoyable. It was a great watch that brightened my day when I saw it in the cinema, giving me that special, distraction-free feeling that only a cinema experience can provide.

Was this better than Waititi’s latest film, Thor: Love and Thunder? What would you like to see him take on next?




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