Anyone But You

Anyone But You (2023)

OH YES! Now I have been waiting for these movies to return to our screen—something where we can just sit back, turn our minds off, and laugh away. Something where no, the script and plot aren’t always amazing or a masterpiece like The Godfather, but it always holds a special place in our hearts. I return to these movies over and over again because they comfort me! ROM-COMS! And let me be more precise. Those 90s-2000s chick flick rom-coms, which all have an iconic song that one of the characters is obsessed with. There are characters who are obviously into each other, and you’re just rooting for them to get together. There are conflicts about an hour in that make you gasp, side goofy characters…⠀

These films just don’t exist anymore. There’s no more 10 Things I Hate About You. No more How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. There is definitely no more The Notebook. I feel like we’re in our sad melodramatic real-life love era. The one which, yes, is beautiful but GOD, is it painful—talking to you La La Land.⠀

Anyone But You has changed this. It has resurrected the films we once loved but no longer see. It is full of fun, and the chemistry is INSANE. Sydney Sweeney (my girl crush) and Glen Powell (my dad’s man crush ahaha) have a chemistry like no other when they are together on screen. They work so well with one another through their acting, the types of comedic ways they take the scenes, and even through their physicality and movement with one another. It really sold the story.

I also have to say that there are some great moments of comedy in this film, especially when the family is planning to get the two together. The audience in our theatre were giggling away, clapping, and I think I heard a few gasps here and there. Everyone was having fun, and even though it is a cheesy chick flick, it’s such a guilty pleasure. I especially loved the final scene, where it shows the cast singing along to ‘Unwritten’ while filming all the scenes (ALSO, let’s BRING BACK SONGS LIKE ‘UNWRITTEN’—thank you.)

The only problem I had with the film, and believe me, this hurts to say since I’m such a massive Sydney Sweeney fan. I think when she is acting alone or not with Glen Powell, her acting was really flat, and sometimes it just didn’t work at all. I honestly think it’s because her strength in the genre of acting is drama, as she is absolutely breathtaking in Euphoria. With comedy, however, especially in this film, I was really struggling to like her in this role. The first 10 minutes of the film, I was slightly panicking that the film would carry on the way it started. That mirror scream was just awful that even someone in the audience recreated it, and everyone burst into laughter. This doesn’t take away from the parts she did so right because when it was good, it really fit perfectly.⠀
Please go watch Anyone But You; it is a great way to get Saltburns ‘Murder On The Dancefloor’ songworm out of your head.

What do you think of Rom Coms? Did you like Anyone But You?




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