The Bikeriders (2024)
The Bikeriders (2024)

The Bikeriders (2024)

The Bikeriders

Jeff Nichols really knocked this film out of the park, especially with all of the red lights on their journey, which he could have stopped and given up at but rode straight through. The outcome really highlights the passion behind his filmmaking and, most importantly, the talent that all of the cast and crew hold. This film and undoubtedly the actors, both ones we have watched for years and hold dearly to our hearts, as well as some rising new faces we have only been introduced to in the past few years, have a unique and powerful presence on the screen.

None of the actors are forgotten or outshined, and it is extremely interesting to see the way they interact with one another so naturally that you can’t help but feel their brotherhood and relationships.

Austin Butler in particular is just flourishing his portfolio this year. After the Elvis film, a lot of us were worried whether he was just a great impressionist, but after Dune 2 and The Bikeriders, it is evidently clear that there is a once-in-a-generation star rising in the world of film, one that we should not overlook. He completely and wholeheartedly becomes his character. He is chameleon-like in that when you are watching the screen, all you can see is Benny and no one else. Even without dialogue, we can hear every thought through his eyes. That is extremely impressive since this character is so developed in our eyes, though we really don’t know anything about him and he really doesn’t have many lines at all. I’ve seen a lot of people saying he is the closest we can get to Old Hollywood, the almost James Dean of 2024, and I agree. I’m so excited to see where he goes next, especially if it’s a darker route.

Jodie Comer cannot be overlooked in this film. She is the heart of the plot and of the film. Firstly, I would like to make people aware of the fact that Comer is from Liverpool… huh… how… THAT ACCENT IN THE FILM WAS PERFECT! Not only does she master the dialect of Kathy, but once again, the presence she brings to the screen completely blinds us to the fact that this is someone playing a character. I couldn’t have thought of better casting, and this film being a biopic makes all of their choices even more interesting. The little eye movements, jokes, and physical acting are so fresh amongst the rest of the characters that she really breaks the audience away.

Yes, Tom Hardy is amazing, as usual, and god, with every role he plays, he just proves more and more how much potential he has for any character; there are really no limits. I also can’t get over the physicality of his acting; it’s super detailed and precise.

Though I have spoken a lot about the acting, which I think is really the heart of this film due to it being a biopic and not necessarily plot-driven but more character-driven. It was beautiful to watch. There are moments of stunning cinematography and some gut-wrenching writing. I also need to give a round of applause to the mise-en-scène and costuming because it not only brought the film to life but told us so much more about the characters we were dealing with.

However, some moments were slightly too predictable due to the camera angles or just the way the film was shot. That was the only reason this film wasn’t fully five stars. I just think it took away some of the anxiety the film could have built on.

What did you guys think of The Bikeriders, and where would you like to see these actors go next?




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