Bad Boys Ride or Die (2024)
Bad Boys Ride or Die (2024)

Bad Boys Ride or Die (2024)

Bad Boys Ride or Die

Bad Boys Ride or Die” is an action-packed thrill ride with the unbeatable chemistry of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, and it’s exactly what the summer box office needed.⠀

Bad Boys 4 delivers an exhilarating experience that will leave audiences on the edge of their seats. The heart of the movie’s success lies in the dynamic chemistry between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Their performances as Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett continue to shine, bringing a perfect blend of humor and intensity that keeps the franchise fresh and engaging.⠀

The original “Bad Boys” (1995) remains my favorite of the series and arguably one of Michael Bay’s best movies. However, it quickly became clear that Bay’s directorial style was perhaps not the best fit for this franchise. Bay excels when his creativity is reined in, but given full artistic liberty, the results can be overwhelming.⠀

Directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah have clearly honed their craft, presenting high-octane scenes that are both thrilling and visually stunning. Each chase, fight, and explosion is meticulously choreographed, showcasing a deep understanding of how to balance excitement with storytelling.⠀

Yes, this movie has a story, and it has emotion at its core—something often overlooked in action films.⠀

One of the film’s standout features is its ability to navigate the fine line between serious stakes and lighthearted fun. Unlike many action films that struggle with this balance, Bad Boys 4 excels in blending dramatic moments with humor, ensuring that the audience remains entertained throughout. This balance is a testament to the directors’ skill and the strong screenplay.⠀

The supporting cast also deserves praise, bringing a host of memorable characters into the mix. Whether they are old favorites or new additions, each character adds depth to the story and enhances the overall enjoyment of the film. The diverse cast enriches the narrative, making the world of Bad Boys feel rich and lived-in.⠀

I had a few issues with this movie, but the main one was the “creative” shots. It’s not that they exist, but at some point, they become too much—specifically, the drone shots. This was something I noticed in Bay’s “Ambulance,” and here it started to become an issue.⠀

In conclusion, Bad Boys 4 is a fantastic addition to the franchise and a step up from the previous films. It combines outstanding performances, thrilling action, and a perfect blend of seriousness and fun. For fans of the series and newcomers alike, Bad Boys 4 offers an unforgettable ride that is sure to entertain.⠀

I think after this we can say Will Smith is back, what should be the next Will Smith project?




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