The Watchers (2024)
The Watchers (2024)

The Watchers (2024)

The Watchers

Dakota Fanning, you will forever have my heart and are definitely the face of my childhood; from Uptown Girls to Coraline, you have delivered masterpieces that left a lasting impression. Your performances have always been a highlight, showcasing your incredible range and talent. However, The Watchers is definitely not close to being a masterpiece.⠀

When we heard that the legendary M. Night Shyamalan’s daughter, Ishana Night Shyamalan, was making a horror film, we got extremely excited. ⠀
We were eager to see if she would break the nepo baby myth and create films just as creepy, unique, and iconic as her father’s. M. Night Shyamalan has set a high bar with his signature twists and atmospheric storytelling, so the anticipation was palpable.⠀

What I can say is that potential popped through the screen every now and then, hinting at what could have been a brilliant film. If the plot were polished and streamlined, it would be a completely different experience. ⠀

The movie is not without its merits; there are moments where you can see flashes of genius and creativity.⠀
The cinematography is both beautiful and menacing, which actually makes the film entirely. It’s the only element that really saves the film from its overly complicated plot. The visual storytelling is striking, with eerie, atmospheric shots that build tension effectively. ⠀

However, there’s a prevailing sense in contemporary cinema that films must constantly shock audiences or include numerous twists to keep them engaged. This approach can backfire, making plots either too predictable, excessively prolonged, or so unique that they lose their appeal.⠀

In horror, there’s a golden rule: the less you know about the antagonist, the creepier and scarier they become because it leaves your mind to wander and create the worst imaginable version of itself. The Watchers had so much potential if it had adhered to this principle. The original plot from the beginning is well-built enough that, if you were to work off of this foundation, you could craft some truly scary, uncomfortable, and spine-chilling moments.⠀

The film had so much potential if they kept it simple. The original plot from the beginning is well built enough that if you were to work off of this, you could have some truly scary, uncomfortable, and spine-chilling moments. The potential was there, and with a more refined script and focused direction, Ishana Night Shyamalan could certainly establish herself in the horror genre. ⠀

The Watchers had us squirming in our seats, but not from fear; rather, from the sadness of what could have been a good 2024 horror film.⠀

Have you watched The Watchers? What’s the creepiest film you have watched?




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