Monkey Man

Monkey Man (2024)


That’s all I can say at this moment when I think back to watching Monkey Man at the cinema last night, and might I add, the ONLY way to watch this film with the most justice.

Monkey Man was everything and more than you want and need from an action film. There were incredibly choreographed fight sequences, which Dev Patel mastered perfectly, so quick and precise within his movements, which I loved because recently I have been watching more action and you can obviously tell that it’s a double.

There is just so much intensity in this film bleeding out of every cinematic choice, the camera movements, the individual shots. You can really tell how much they cared for their crafting of character, story, and the culture they are in; the details in every moment are the proof.

When Jordan Peel’s name came up in the trailer, oh, I knew this film would be good, that it would be further than just any other one-layered action, which follows a usual storyline, with a hero we’ve seen a million times before.

Yes, you can see the influence of other films and directors; however, they make these scenes unique to them with both cultural and ambitious cinematic styles.

Dev Patel has always been an actor I have admired, and now he’s become a director who I see great potential and credit.

Overall, this film really met and exceeded my expectations; it was a fun watch, which gripped me to the screen the entire time. You can’t look away for a single moment without missing something important or a shot that is absolutely gorgeous (LOVED the cinematography!)

I can’t wait to see the future of Patel’s work.




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