Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga (2024)
Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga (2024)

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga (2024)

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

The exhilarating world of Mad Max is officially back after nine years, and not only does it have something to say, but it builds the apocalyptic world of savage bikers and epic superheroes to a new level. Furiosa really expands and highlights our knowledge and view of the franchise, but what I love most about this prequel is that we get to widen our background knowledge of one of the most intense and diligent characters to grace the screen: FURIOSA!

When I first watched the original Mad Max, I was absolutely enthralled with the world I was thrown into, one we had never seen presented in this way before. But one thing that stood out more than anything was this feminine mystique badass character that brings a whole new meaning to heroine.

Anya Taylor-Joy did an amazing job in this film, capturing the anger, rage, and power of Furiosa. I have to give her props because with such few lines, she had to act most of the time with just her eyes, and believe me, every emotion gets across, connecting the audience with the characters on the screen.

While she may not have the intense stage presence of Charlize Theron, this contrast effectively shows the character’s evolution over time in the Mad Max world.

However, it is Chris Hemsworth that takes this film by storm. He brings a whole new insanity to the franchise, one of charisma, cruelty, and pure madness.

The costuming deserves a shout-out, as putting a character like Dementus in a ringmaster/showman’s jacket is just genius. He is a performer in this world, one that takes center stage while he showcases his horrific, dangerous, and unworldly performances. His almost Joker-like mask adds to his character’s evil, taunting, and psychotic nature, making him a standout in the film.

Furiosa sadly doesn’t touch the original, and I think we could all argue it is slightly below, however, we have to agree that Mad Max: Fury Road is an untouchable masterpiece that is almost impossible to recreate to the same caliber. Furiosa felt slightly less organic than the first, like Miller was trying too hard to emulate the original.

The CGI just really stood out and sometimes distanced us from feeling like we were within the world with them, something that the original did perfectly. I could even see this with some of the editing as well, especially with his iconic style—it just felt slightly too much at times and seemed forced.

Overall, Furiosa is a strong and thrilling prequel, one that everyone needs to watch on the big screen and even better on IMAX. This bigger-than-life world deserves a bigger-than-life screen, one that engulfs us all.

Where could you see the Mad Max world going next? What did you think of Furiosa?




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