IF (2024)


John Krasinski really has a knack for putting heart, personality, and care into his films. More importantly, he showcases the power of family and connections perfectly, no matter the genre or context of the characters. IF was definitely a fun ride, bursting with a stellar cast that brought a lot of energy and comedy to the screen.

Ryan Reynolds, ever the king of sarcasm, delivers what we love but in a refreshingly distinct way. Over the past few years, his roles have started to blur together as he delivers what he knows we crave. However, this character stands out as more reserved, perfectly aligning with the character’s background and who he is meant to mirror.

John Krasinski also plays a quite warm and heartening role in the film, one that brightens up the film at its lowest points. I think he is an extremely talented director, so much that he can achieve a film such as A Quiet Place and then go to the complete opposite end of the spectrum and direct a film like IF. It really shows his range and creativity as a director.

Steve Carell and Phoebe Waller-Bridge excel in their roles, breathing life into their CGI characters with their distinctive voices. Cailey Fleming also impresses with a natural performance, avoiding the common stereotype of child actors going over the top. The entire cast seems to be having a blast, and it’s infectious.

The problem I had with IF was the predictability of the plot. I know it might seem a little harsh since it is a children’s film, but I’m giving my honest review. When I first watched the trailer, I knew immediately what the big twist would be at the end of the film. I even bet on it with Big J. The film isn’t very subtle with hinting towards the ending either, so the entire time I was waiting for this big reveal. However, due to all the hints, it really took away the impact of the ending, which I think could have made the film way better.

There were also some moments where I thought the timing of the film and some of the plots could have been slightly more enhanced and stronger.

I think the message and the heart of this film are what make it work. You do have a fun time, and it’s extremely deep at moments of the film. I feel like children will adore this concept and have a great time watching it!

I still can’t get over the cast of this film. Who is your special gue- KEITH!

What would your IF look like? How many stars would you give?




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