“Missing” just takes it to new levels; the story is not as powerful or believable as “Searching”, but it is way more interesting than the “Unfriended” movies, but it is much “bigger” in scale, which makes it much more impressive in regards to the writing.

“Turning Red”

“Turning Red” is not a film for children; it is more aimed toward adults and teens; however, it still seems childish at points or a little obnoxious in how it sees young girls, but it does save itself because of how it balances that with some profound and meaningful messages for young girls like me.

“Beautiful Boy”

“Beautiful Boy” had every single element to shock us, to really go for our emotions and use them in a cheap way, but instead, it just strips all that way and tells us the story of a Dad that is lost and way over his head and just wants to save his beautiful son, this might be the reason you will love it or the reason why you don’t care about it.