Godzilla × Kong: The New Empire
Godzilla × Kong: The New Empire

Godzilla × Kong: The New Empire

Godzilla × Kong: The New Empire (2024)

Starting this review, I find myself grappling with the sheer range of angles to approach it from. On one hand, I could express disdain, lamenting the trailer and deeming the movie one of the most nonsensical I’ve encountered in recent memory. The characters seemed like exaggerated caricatures, the script lacked originality or coherence, and it felt like a mishmash of ideas thrown together without much thought. But then again, I could easily switch gears and proclaim it a rollicking good time.⠀

Kudos to Adam Wingard for his knack of transforming seemingly flawed concepts into enjoyable viewing experiences. Sometimes, it’s not about switching off your brain, as many suggest, but rather embracing the absurdity of a film that knows it’s absurd and revels in it. There’s a certain charm to a movie that acknowledges its own silliness and invites the audience to join in on the fun.⠀

Of course, when held against “Godzilla Minus One,” this instalment falls short in almost every aspect. Despite boasting a budget over ten times larger, there are scenes where the visual spectacle of Minus One outshines this one. However, where “The New Empire” truly excels is in its unapologetic extravagance. It takes the madness of its predecessor and ramps it up to a “Fast and Furious” level of absurdity.⠀

Admittedly, the script and plot leave much to be desired, but it’s evident that the filmmakers weren’t overly concerned. They know their target audience and cater directly to them. If we focus solely on what this audience craves – the epic monster battles – then this movie delivers in spades. From a “Transformers” style upgrade King Kong to a Godzilla in a Super Saiyan mode, there’s no shortage of jaw-dropping moments that I won’t spoil here.⠀

There are human actors in the mix, though they seem to take a back seat to the spectacle. While Dan Stevens injects charisma and manages to steal some scenes, Brian Tyree Henry delivers a performance that oscillates between amusing and anoying, leaning mostly towards the former. However, the supposed heart of the film, the mother-daughter relationship portrayed by Rebecca Hall and Kaylee Hottle, falls disappointingly short.⠀

So, if you’re in the mood for mindless entertainment, “Godzilla × Kong: The New Empire” is your ticket. But if you’re seeking grandeur coupled with substance, perhaps a viewing (or rewatching) of “Dune 2” is in order.⠀

What other franchises should join the ranks of Godzilla and Kong? ⠀




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