“Turning Red”
“Turning Red”

“Turning Red”

“Turning Red” (2022)

One thing that Pixar always did very well was to mix profound messages for grownups with the comedy and animation that makes the little ones stuck to the screen from start to end; I don’t believe this was the case with this movie.

I watched this with my little brother, who loves watching Nemo and wreck it Ralph, but as we watched this film, I saw him not getting into it because there’s nothing except for the panda that interests little kids and makes them want to watch.

“Turning Red” is not a film for children; it is more aimed toward adults and teens; however, it still seems childish at points or a little obnoxious in how it sees young girls, but it does save itself because of how it balances that with some profound and meaningful messages for young girls like me.

It shows how friendships can become family and the importance of having a family that isn’t biological because it gives you the freedom you may not have had.

I love how they explore this, especially at the age of the characters, where it is crucial and a part of most girls’ lives.

Every teenage girl has fangirled over something, every girl. I loved how they showed this in the film; although sometimes very odd, it was hilarious, especially since it’s a film more directed towards teens who would have had the iconic one direction, vamps, 5seconds of summer, Panic! at the disco and even Big time rush to fangirl over!
I thought it was so much fun!

I also love love love how they animated the film in a completely different way to other films, it gave me anime vs Scott Pilgrim vibes, and it made the movie more enjoyable! The small details in the animation were so cute and new for Disney.

So it is nowhere near my top Pixar movies, but still, it had so many things I loved that I need to recommend everyone to give it a go.

Have you seen this? What did you think?

Where does this movie land in your favourite Pixar movies?




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