“Morbius” (2022)

After watching the trailer for this movie, what seems to be for years, we finally got to watch the final product, and I just can’t understand where the time was spent.

Morbius is the second attempt of Sony to milk the Spider-man property; after Venom, this was not the most obvious villain to take on, but I have to say, with Leto on board, I was very curious when the first news broke, but with all the recent roles Leto took on it was obvious that maybe we could not be at ease with his choices for projects to work on.

For me, the problem with this movie is obviously the writing. Yes, there are some terrible special effects and action sequences, but there are also some really cool choices in the movie, but the script tears it all apart, but honestly, should we be surprised? Not really; the previous writing credits of these two writers include pearls like “Dracula Untold”, “Gods of Egypt” and the masterpiece that is “The Last Witch Hunter”, so we should have known, and we should be worried because their next movie is “Madame Web”.

On top of a lousy script, it is also evident that there was very heavy cutting of this movie, making it not make a lot of sense and just having no emotional pull for any of the characters; we never really feel for any of the issues they are going through and especially Matt Smith feels wasted in this movie.

Jared Leto tries his best and is actually a great actor, but he has a lousy agent, the roles he is taking on could clearly be predicted to be awful if he read the script.

Visually I did like the sonar and the flying effects, and there were some moments they really captured how Morbius could be a challenge to Spider-Man and wanted to see that happen, but the more the movie developed and especially after the insanely stupid after-credit scene, I just wanted Morbius to be like other vampires and explode in a burst of flames.

Hope Sony is paying attention alto Marvel and learning how they can make these movies in a way that actually works and give justice to original materials.

What did you think of this?

What Spider-Man villain should get a solo movie?




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