“Infinity pool”
“Infinity pool”

“Infinity pool”

“Infinity pool” (2023)

It’s rare to watch a movie and still struggle to fully process it 24 hours later, but that’s precisely how I felt after watching “Infinity Pool.”

Brandon Cronenberg’s second film is a bold, grotesque, fascinating, and provocative exploration of the gap between the rich and the poor and a visceral horror experience that will leave you feeling uneasy long after the credits roll.

At its core, “Infinity Pool” is a movie about power and privilege.

The wealthy elite in the movie is depicted as cold and calculating, willing to do whatever it takes to maintain their status and control and are more than willing to sacrifice their own humanity for the sake of power and being above any responsibility.

On the one hand, the body horror and surreal visuals are breathtaking, drawing you into a bizarre and unsettling world where nothing is entirely what it seems.

The body horror elements of the movie are not for the faint of heart, but they serve a purpose beyond shock value.

The movie’s depiction of the human body as a commodity is particularly chilling in today’s world, where we’re seeing the rise of genetic engineering and biotechnology that blurs the line between science fiction and reality.

Mia Goth’s performance is a standout. She’s simultaneously vulnerable and menacing, her every movement and expression hinting at a deeper darkness beneath the surface.

Her scenes with Skarsgård are particularly mesmerizing, their chemistry at once unsettling and hypnotic, pulling you deeper into the madness.

But what makes “Infinity Pool” truly noteworthy is its social commentary. Through its twisted plot and bizarre characters, the movie skewers the arrogance and entitlement of the wealthy elite. It shows how they view themselves as above the law and indifferent to the consequences of their actions, willing to sacrifice their souls and humanity for even greater wealth and power.

While the film’s unorthodox approach may make it hard to follow at times, it ultimately comes together in a haunting and thought-provoking conclusion.

Cronenberg’s talent as a filmmaker shines through, and it’s clear he’s not content to live in his father’s shadow.

If you’re looking for a challenging and edgy movie that will make you question the world we live in, “Infinity Pool” is a must-watch.
But be warned: Despite its many strengths, “Infinity Pool” is not a movie that will appeal to everyone. Its slow-burn pacing and strange narrative structure may turn off some viewers, while the extreme violence and body horror will undoubtedly be too much for others.

In conclusion, “Infinity Pool” is a movie that defies easy categorization. It’s a horror movie, a social commentary, a psychological thriller, and a meditation on power and privilege all rolled into one. It’s not always an easy watch, but it’s a movie that demands to be seen and discussed.

What are your thoughts on “Infinity Pool”?

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