“RRR” (2022)

“RRR” is nuts, absolutely nuts, and honestly, it has every element for me to hate it; somehow, I had a blast with it.

Visually the movie is pretty impressive, and it has some bonker sequences that are unlike anything you have seen before, it’s like a superhero movie, but where no one is a superhero and if you accept that, you will be fine with it.

The main issue with it and the majority of the Indian movies I see is the runtime, it is over 3h, and yet I can’t really say there was much you could cut out because even the sequences that dragged for too long and didn’t fit the story are still way too much fun to watch.

The acting in this movie also is excellent, and even in the over-the-top scenes N.T. Rama Rao Jr. and Ram Charan bring their chemistry to the screen, and when they together are just something else.

“RRR” is the kind of action movie that Hollywood cinema does not have the guts to do, it’s silly, fun and has no worries about how realistic it looks.

Some of these action scenes you have never seen before, and to be honest, I don’t think we will see them anytime soon.

Being an Indian movie, there is another aspect that I usually hate, the Bollywood dance theme in the middle… well, not on this one, on this one, I loved the dance routines; they are so much fun even if at points feel dislocated from the movie.

Thoroughly recommend it, especially because it is on netflix, so there are no excuses not to see it; even with the 3h runtime, it will give you a great time if you love action films.

Have you seen it? What did you think?

What is your favourite Indian Movie?




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