“Nowhere Boy”
“Nowhere Boy”

“Nowhere Boy”

“Nowhere Boy” (2009)

One thing you should know about Little J is that she has an old soul, she is 14, but she loves her vinyl, she loves old movies, and some of her favourite bands are the “Queen” and the “Beatles” so this movie was just down her alley, also both Big J and Little J love biopic movies.⁣

“Nowhere Boy” is the story of a young John Lennon, and how troubled he was; it does show how he meets Paul Macartney, but that is never the focus of the movie; the focus here is who John was and how his pain fuelled his obsession of being someone that people would look up to.⁣

The movie does some things right, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson does an ok job making us believe both sides of his character; he is charismatic and draws people to him but at the same time makes people hate him, and Big J was one of them, lol, his performance really hit us in different ways Little J got on his side understanding his revolt and Big J just wanted to punch him lol, and that we believe shows he did a great performance.⁣

The rest of the cast didn’t have as much to do, but if Thomas Brodie-Sangster is even only one minute on screen Little J is happy 😍, and honestly, now we want a movie with him about Paul.⁣

The main issue with the movie is the pacing of it; if you really like the subject matter as Little J does, you will engage with it; if not, it feels like it drags with ups and downs that make you not connect fully with the movie, still, it is beautifully filmed, it does go by the numbers but never leans into the drama to get peoples tears also its refreshing to see a story where they show the good and the bad but never feels like they taking sides.⁣

Have you seen this movie?

Are you leaning more toward Little J side or Big J?⁣




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