“The Girl in the spider web”
“The Girl in the spider web”

“The Girl in the spider web”

“The Girl in the spider web” (2018)

“The girl in the spiders web” is the second movie of the American version of the Millennium film series; in fact, we could call it a soft reboot because the original team is no longer involved.

The change of actors, to be honest, didn’t hurt the film one little bit, Rooney Mara was, but Claire Foy is no way behind her in any way, to be honest, at some points she is able to bring Lisbeth Salander’s rage to screen on a more visceral way.

The director, on the other hand, made a huge difference and hurt the movie, and to be fair, I don’t believe that it is because of who the new director is. Fede Alvarez showed he is a talented director in “Don’t breathe”; the problem is that he had to follow up on the genius of David Fincher, which is difficult on its own, there is a shift of tone that doesn’t fit in many ways to the aesthetics that Fincher set and Alvarez tried and follow.

The tone is the biggest issue with “the girl in the spider’s web” ; this feels much more like a “borne identity” movie than a “Girl in the Dragon Tatoo”, the pain of the character and her intelligence sometimes is put aside so we can have a cool action sequence, apart from that there is also much lazy writing. Set pieces keep happening in ways that have no logic to just be solved by the biggest coincidences in the world, and this happens many, many times.

So “The Girl in the spider web” is not as good as the first, but it is not as bad as many people are making it out to be.

And just to end this review, I wanted to bring into the discussion a new problem that is happening more and more frequently and at least for me, is ruining my movie experience, the trailers and how they are showing key moments and plot twists that it would be essential for us to know only when watching the movie, this one is an excellent example because if you saw the trailer, you saw the ending of the film.

What trailer ruined a movie for you?




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