“Call me by your name”
“Call me by your name”

“Call me by your name”

“Call me by your name” (2017)

I have been to Italy just recently and fell in love with it, the culture, the language, the beautiful buildings and especially the people, so since then, I have been trying to see movies that somehow show me more of that, and that was one of the reasons that I looked into this movie to start off, what closed the deal to make me watch it was Timothée Chalamet.

I first saw Timothée Chalamet in “Lady Bird”, and even that little performance was mesmerizing, so a love story with him as the main character in Italy just sounded like a perfect movie, in the end, it did had many interesting things but was far from perfect.

Let’s start with what I could not stand behind, the love story; no problem about a boy falling in love with a boy; honestly, for me, that doesn’t even make me think twice, but being 14 years old myself, the problem was a boy falling in love with a Man, a Man that was in a position of confidence with his parents, I think if it were a young girl and an older man, many would not see it as this beautiful love story.

So the whole core of the movie for me made me look at it with different eyes, and that was a shame because everything else is pretty much perfect; the script is beautiful, and the two main actors completely elevated each other and really made us believe every word, the movie is beautiful, and every shoot makes us want to be there with extra layers given by the music, the locations, and the light.

“Call me by your name” has a beautiful love story, but one that is wrong and that should not be put in such a light, especially by the parents in the movie; the ending is again something not to be seen as romantic, especially by the parents, that should see their son was taken advantage of, being young I know we need to make mistakes to grow, but I felt everyone saw this trough very pink coloured lenses.

What did you think of this movie?

Were you ok with the story and the message it gave?




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