“Us” (2019)

“Us” is one tough movie to write about with no spoilers, but still, we will try to talk about the experience of watching it and not so much the plot, messages, and sub-messages that it is full of it.⁣

Let’s start by taking a few things out of the way;⁣

First, Jordan Peele is a genius and once again gave us one of the most interesting, head-scratching movies with so much social commentary that most of it people will not even realize, and that is what makes him a great director; he doesn’t feed us the message and shoves it down our throats, he makes us think and discuss it with others so as a society we can grow with other peoples views.⁣

Also, I need to point out the restraint that he shows, not only with the messaging and gore but especially in not going for the easy scare that so many times he had the opportunity to go for it and doesn’t make us always feel on edge.⁣

Second, I still think “Get out” is a better movie because I never saw anything coming; the twists in “Us” I did see coming on very early, didn’t ruin anything from my experience but did give the edge to “Get out” when comparing it.⁣

Third, in “Get out”, Daniel Kaluuya did one hell of a job, but in “Us”, Lupita Nyong’o completely blows everyone out of the water; in a cast where pretty much everyone is on their A-game, she is just hypnotic in every second on screen.⁣

And finally, to everyone that thinks this movie is much more of a genre movie where the social commentary of Peele is kept to the minimum, I would completely disagree and say this is, from start to end, a commentary on identity, social classes, the “alien” invaders that have been with us since the start, the feeling of entitlement, the duplicity of people and so many other things that many people will not catch on first viewing, even the title could be an example of double meaning.⁣

Have you seen this? what did you think about it?⁣




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