“Not Okay”
“Not Okay”

“Not Okay”

“Not Okay” (2022)

Okay, this really surprised me; yes, I was curious about this movie for a long time because they did a great TikTok Advertising campaign that was very much in line with the story of the movie. Still, I never expected it to be this good, and for sure, I did not expect it to have any deep or be this relevant.

I love how they showed the whole filming process through tik tok and how we all freaked out over Dylan’s hair, and the little 30-second vids through the filming had us all excited.

I think this movie is very relevant and important to our generation and the period we are in right now. The need for fame, the lack of justice, and the number of issues in this world where people don’t really care unless they can get views and attention is not fiction but a big part of the world we live in.
With the manipulative ways of the internet and how it brings light on the matter, it’s very important for people to watch.

But what makes this movie different is that it really sticks to its guns; at the start, it does say we will hate these characters and ohhhhh my good, I do hate them, Zoey Deutch really does a great job and shows she is a great actress, and she is not alone Dylan O’Brien as well is the perfect example of what social media is like, and he really brings light-hearted laughter to a really heavy topic.

But if these 2 actors impressed me with their ability to make me hate them, Mia Isaac just blew me away with her raw energy and talent; she is magnetic, and I will see everything she has done and will do in the future.
The scenes where she is doing her speeches are really inspiring, and the emotions she transmitted to me really made the ending scene even more powerful. I just have to cheer for the courage of not trying to sugar-coat a situation that just had no way of doing it so.

Even though this movie is relevant, it is a little overbearing with some of its references to the 2020 and 2021 tik tok.

But then again, we all look back at trends and cringe. However, I think it gives a really fun and interesting storyline.

Never expected that this movie would be this good, original and brave, and that is probably the reason my rating is so high; it’s not a perfect movie, but for this kind of movie, it did end up in the higher end of what usually these movies deliver because it had the courage and a director behind the camera that really understands the power and dangers of social media.

Have you seen it? What did you think?
What movie do you believe shows better the dangers of social media?




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