“Prey” (2022)

35 years ago, one of the coolest looking “monsters” got introduced to the world in a movie that still holds up today; this was the movie that introduced John McTiernan as a director before “Die Hard”; it established Schwarzenegger as a leading action star and started a non-stop attempt to reproduce the magic of this movie in sequels and cross overs that never really got close to the first movie, until now, 35 years after we have one that might even be better than the first in some elements, funny enough its the only one we don’t get to see on the cinema.

Prey understood the assignment, Dan Trachtenberg showed once again after “10 Cloverfield Lane” that he knows how to look at these “Big” movies and understand what underneath it all made the audiences love them, and in “Predator” it was evident that the secret sauce was when the big action hero becomes the underdog and needs to use his brains to defeat the more technological advanced alien, so how can we do that now where we are also so advance as a specie, well we take it back to the past.

By doing this, he created a perfect start-up point to keep adding great elements to hit, with the biggest one being the decision to focus the story on this young girl who, in a world of men, wants to prove herself and that she is her equal or even superior, this translates perfectly to what becomes her “Hunt” and what makes all that work is the casting of Amber Midthunder.

Midthunder is incredible in this movie, she delivers the heavy dramatic scenes, but it is in the more physical and “raged” scenes that she stands out, and honestly, in a time we are all asking who should play Tomb Raider, she is our top pick after this movie.

Visually the movie is stunning; every shoot in this movie is beautiful, and Jeff Cutter never uses the darkness or fog to hide mistakes but instead to create a mood that really works for this movie.

For everyone worried if Disney has the guts to release R-rated movies because of Disney+, watch this movie, this is probably the goriest Predator movie we ever got, and it does work because it just feels Natural.

I did wish the last “Hunting” scene was longer and that we would get to see this at the cinema, cant understand how the studio people saw this movie and did not see it would be a hit in the cinemas.

Honestly, I think we deserved that; after watching “The Predator” in the cinemas in 2018 I really think I deserved a free ticket for Prey in Imax.

Have you seen it? What did you think?
What movie full of sequels do you think deserves another shoot?




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