“Fight Club”
“Fight Club”

“Fight Club”

“Fight Club” (1999)

“Fight Club” is a true classic that everyone kept setting up expectations higher and higher to a point I felt it could never live up to the hype. ⁣

Guess what, I was very wrong; this movie is incredible, and now I start to understand why Fincher was always one of my dad’s favourite directors; after this and “Se7en”, I am 100% a fan.⁣

So the problem now is how will I review something I can’t talk about, hmmm guess Brad Pitt can come after me, and we will sort it out.⁣

This movie had everything, it was unique, it was fun, the writing was incredible, and the acting of Edward Norton and Brad Pitt is up there with the best things we have seen from them.⁣

Love how it shows as we a society, are so formatted into consumerism and actually forget what is really important; the movie is not afraid to take the messages of the book that are divisive and really shows with the masterful eye of Fincher to the mainstream.⁣

I did see the “twist” almost from the start, but just like “Se7en” it’s done so well that it doesn’t even matter.⁣
The look of this movie is one of the things that really helps us to get in the mind of these characters, the cinematography of Jeff Cronenweth is incredible and really sets the mood depending on the “spirit” of the story.⁣

Brad is hilarious in this movie, and yes, very cool and sexy; I don’t think no one can ignore that, to be honest, but what got me more was the dedication and sacrifice that he delivers to all his characters, making them be so believable no matter how outrages they are.⁣
Also, shoutout to “Bob”, played by Meat Loaf, that delivers the funniest scene with Norton and the boob hug, lol.⁣

Fully recommend this; how they set up the twist could have done better if they didn’t push so much on the situations where they are giving us the clues. Still, the hype is real.⁣

Have you seen this movie? What are your thoughts?⁣
What is your favourite book adaptation?⁣




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