“Jaws” (1975)

We were challenged to pick a “Movie that made us”, and our mind went straight to “Edward Scissorhands” because, being a father and daughter account, it’s probably the movie we have the most connection together. Still, the thing was, we reviewed it before, and honestly, it made our bond stronger but never changed us.⁣

Jaws, on the other end, did, especially for Big J, in many different ways;⁣

Jaws came out in 1975, 4 years before Big J was born, and he saw it for the first time when he was 12, so 16 years after its release, and since then, he never forgot it.⁣
“Jaws” is the reason why he will not go into the sea at night or will panic if he can’t see the bottom; it’s incredible how scenes of the movie just start flashing into his mind; this is something that also affected Little J because she was never allowed to go into the sea at night Lol.⁣

But the effects of “Jaws” are even greater if we look at our love for cinema; the way Jaws uses cinematography, sound design, comedy, the storytelling and especially the limitations it had in showing the “monster” is still today a lesson to all the movie that came after.⁣

Spielberg is a genius, and this is probably the most significant proof of that; he tells a story that could be very simple, flat, and with no impact ( the sequels show exactly how that could happen), and he turns it into a masterpiece of cinema.⁣

Jaws show how you can tell everything you need about a character and plot without ever going into exposition, and that is something movies today should go back and learn.⁣

John Williams displays not only in every note he composed for this movie but also in the silences of why he is one of the best composers of cinema, and the theme song can cause shivers in just a few seconds.⁣

Bill Butler does a great job setting the mood from the get-go with that sunset scene where he can give us a beautiful shot at the surface that contrasts with the terror that lies beneath.⁣

Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss, and Robert Shaw deliver perfect performances and show how actors can help each other elevate their own performances, and this is still our standard today when watching something like this. ⁣

For all these, “Jaws” is the perfect example of a movie that made us; it made us not only regarding our personality but also with our cinematograph tastes and how we analyze and create expectations regarding the cinema experience.⁣

What do you think about “Jaws” and what is your favourite Spielberg movie?⁣
What movie would you say made you?⁣




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