“Bones and All”
“Bones and All”

“Bones and All”

“Bones and all” (2022)

Luca Guadagnino and Timothée Chalamet join forces once again after “Call Me by Your Name” to make a movie about cannibalism. Now I’m wondering if it was any of this movie is based on events that happened behind the scenes of “Call Me by Your Name”, which could have inspired them lol.

But now, seriously, this movie is dark, disgusting and not easy to watch without turning away at times. However, they really pushed this movie by also making it a beautiful love story and a strange but emotional coming-of-age movie.

It shows that even monsters can love and that when you find the right person, it can make you feel like you are no longer alone.
Luca Guadagnino’s choices in this movie are brilliant; how he uses wide shots that are extremely minimalistic just makes that sense of loneliness even more impactful. The use of a very grainy image also gives it a look at the documentary genre, making it more intimate. The cinematography of Arseni Khachaturan is the last perfect element of this movie that makes it look fragile and emphasises every moment, making it seem like it can break just like our characters.

This all helps to mix these 2 genres. While it makes you feel like there are spiders crawling on your back most of the time, you still tear up watching these broken characters become a bit more complete with one another. I never thought I could get upset with people who eat other people. Taylor Russell ( who has the clearest skin I have ever seen btw) and Timothée Chalamet (my husband) really make that possible with their incredible performances.

Their chemistry is infectious, and by the end, it all comes together, and everyone that is not a fan of Chalamet can’t deny how talented he is this time. As for Taylor Russel, who needs to be in more movies!!!

I loved the ending, but it is also the other element that makes me not give it a full 5 stars; it dragged for a bit, and I believe it could have been more straight to the point towards the end to make it more impactful!

Have you watched it yet?!

What is your favourite performance of Timothée Chalamet?




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