“The Batman”
“The Batman”

“The Batman”

The Batman” (2022)

Recently, a group of us cinephiles discussed whether “The Batman” could live up to the hype. I was on the side that believed it couldn’t.
I never imagined it would be bad, but I also never thought it could surpass “The Dark Knight” or meet the expectations set by its amazing trailer.

In my mind, it was just going to be another great comic book movie we would all enjoy.

As a Batman fan, I would imagine how I would have done things differently to give justice to the character. However, after watching it, I must admit that I was wrong. It not only lived up to the hype but also exceeded expectations. I can’t think of anything I would have changed in the movie.

In my opinion, this is the perfect Batman movie. I am a massive fan of the Tim Burton movies, and I believe they are, in some ways, better Batman movies than the Nolan ones. However, as movies, the Nolan ones are far superior.

“The Batman” brings these two things together, and it may not work for some people. The reviewers who say this is a very dark Batman and not a Batman for kids are correct. The problem is when people go into the movie expecting something else.

Matt Reeves, the director, understood exactly what we needed from a Batman movie. He understood how to balance the “True” Grit with the fantasy character that is Batman and knew what made Bruce tick and why he became Batman.

He presented Batman as a character who is still growing and has blind spots, but you can see all the pieces that will make him the Dark Knight, the world’s greatest detective, and a beacon of hope.

Reeves shows why he is such a masterful director, just like he did with the “Apes Trilogy.” He respected the story’s core and knew he couldn’t have a performance like the one given by Ledger in “The Dark Knight.”

However, he could bring many amazing actors with top performances that, all together, would elevate the movie, just as Ledger did.
This gave us a more balanced movie that, despite being 3 hours long, has no dull moments. Unlike “The Dark Knight,” you are not waiting for the Joker to come in and steal the show.

Robert Pattinson is the best Bruce Wayne and Batman we have ever seen. For those who say that he is one note, that is because Bruce is a mask that Batman uses to make him invisible to the world. His true self is when he gives himself to his rage, which makes those moments in the movie much more powerful.

Paul Dano is scary, and although he never reaches the level of Ledger, he gets very close, and that is saying something.

The way he addresses his role with a casual demeanour makes it, in some ways, scarier than any other Batman villain to date.

Colin Farrell as the Penguin was another surprise. He steals every scene he is in, and the makeup helps us forget that it’s Farrell. His voice and performance bring the Penguin to life.

Lastly, let’s talk about Catwoman. In our opinion, Michelle Pfeiffer delivered the perfect Catwoman, and no one had come close until now. Zoë Kravitz does not capture that “comic book” side that Pfeiffer did. Still, she translates that character perfectly to this world, and she is mesmerizing to watch.

Jeffrey Wright and Andy Serkis are the final two elements I must mention because they really help flesh out who Bruce and Batman are in their more minor roles.

The movie looks fantastic, and this is Greig Fraser’s year. After “Dune,” which should give him the Oscar, he delivers another.

Have you seen this? What did you think?
What is your favourite Batman movie and Batman performance?




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