“The Wolf of Wall Street”
“The Wolf of Wall Street”

“The Wolf of Wall Street”

“The Wolf of Wall Street” (2013)

Finally, I am the chance to see a bunch of movies that I was really curious about, but I was not old enough; this time was “The Wolf of Wall Street”.⁣

So I am a huge Leo fan, and everything I saw in trailers and etc. made me curious about this performance; also, my dad saying it was his best performance ever just added to the hype, which was not fair from him because then he would say I was too young to watch it.⁣

When I started watching “The Wolf of Wall Street”, the expectations were so high that it would be hard to match them; surprise, surprise Leo ultimately surpassed all expectations.⁣

He is fantastic and elevates this movie that is already brilliant, interesting and fun; in a cast full of stars that brought their A-game, he still shines brighter.⁣

The car scene where he is crawling to get to it had me hysterical laughings, like almost every scene with Jonah Hill that is amazing in this movie.⁣

And yes, I need to bring up Margot Robbie, which I am sure is a big part of why Big J loves this movie so much, but who doesn’t love her? You could see straight away she would be a star.⁣

So, in the end, for me, this movie works because I know it’s a true story; if it wasn’t, I would be complaining about how far-fetched it was, also have to say I am now curious to see more Scorsese movies because this hit all the right spots for me.⁣

What did you think of this movie? ⁣

What Scorsese movie do you think I should watch next?




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