“See how they Run”
“See how they Run”

“See how they Run”

“See how they Run” (2022)

So my first movie in the cinema after I turned 18 was a pretty special experience; first, my dad was with me, and second, because we watched it in this really cool cinema that I just started working there, the @savoycinemaheaton, and to be honest, it was just the perfect place to watch this specific movie.

So this is a movie that is in the 50s, and it is all about Agatha christie’s “Mousetrap” so watching in this historical cinema where at the start we have these drapes opening up just transported me inside the movie.

That apart, this movie was a blast, Tom George debuts strongly with a style that, for me, shows he is a big Wes Anderson fan; the visual style, Characters, editing and even the cast really made me check twice if this was not an Anderson movie; still, he ends it up making it his own.

The whole cast is amazing, but Saoirse Ronan just runs away with me; I loved how she represents all of us when watching a whodunit film, always jumping to conclusions, accusing every single character, and just being there for the ride.
She also brings some comedic relief to the movie by never going over the top; actually, the movie balances comedy, satire and mystery perfectly.

Also, a shoutout to Sam Rockwell, that, like always, is excellent, and his pauses made me laugh more than many movies do with full-on jokes, and obviously, Adrien Brody is not in the movie that much, but if you know me, you know I love him.

The murder mystery aspect in itself could have been done better, but I guess the focus was more on the joke about making a movie about a play you bought the rights to but got tricked into never being able to do a movie about it.
Also, the third act towards the ending did feel rushed, and I would have enjoyed it more if it had a more paced conclusion; I still loved the ending, which my dad was not a fan.

This was loads of fun and a great return to the cinemas now that I can actually go to watch any movie, no matter the rating lol.

Have you seen it? What did you think?
What is your favourite whodunit film?




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