“Ghosted” (2023)


With what I’m sure was a reasonable budget, a director like Dexter Fletcher who has delivered some interesting movies, and beloved actors like Chris Evans and Ana de Armas, Adrien Brody, an Oscar-winning actor playing the villain, and a collection of cameos that would be any movie’s dream, how did it still end up being a contender for worst movie of the year?

We always try to focus on the positives in every movie review, but “Ghosted” made it almost impossible. The film looks cheap, the action is generic, it’s not exciting or funny, and for a movie that relies entirely on the chemistry of the two main actors, sadly, there is none there.

Everyone involved appears frustrated; they seem to have wanted to give their best, but upon reading the script, the disappointment in their eyes is evident. Even on paper, Chris and Ana would be the perfect couple for a project like this, but it’s as if there’s nothing there. It’s actually cringing to watch them try. If that’s not enough, we get Adrien Brody in what is probably his worst performance ever, and he has a few in his filmography that I never expected to be surpassed.

After “Rocketman,” I expected anything from a Dexter Fletcher movie, but a boring, paint-by-numbers, generic movie was not one of them. Maybe the concept was stupid, and the script was lacking, but come on, give us something that shows your unique vision.

The only bit I found amusing was the scene with the cameos, where actor after actor popped in as a favour to Chris Evans, who also acted as a producer for this and might have to admit that he needed some help to salvage the movie.

This is yet another big-budget movie from a streaming platform that fails at a level that should prompt questions. How is it possible that with money and talented people behind and in front of the camera, they still can’t deliver?

Have you seen this movie? What did you think of it?

Which couple surprised you with their lack of chemistry?




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