“Avatar: The Way of Water”
“Avatar: The Way of Water”

“Avatar: The Way of Water”

“Avatar: The Way of Water” (2022)

Sooooooo, maybe I was wrong; perhaps I should know that it is a mistake to bet against Cameron, but I just could not see how he would pull this off.

I was never the biggest “Avatar” fan, I hate 3D; the sequel came after 13 years, we lost James Horner, and I was not impressed with the trailers.

Still, as soon as this movie finished, I was interested in watching the other 100 sequels Cameron had in his mind.

“Avatar: The Way of Water” is stunning, yes it does look like a computer game at times, but it looks like the best computer game ever done; the way they bring the underwater scenes to life puts a big pressure on “Aquaman 2”; this is just miles above anything we have seen before.

Just like the first movie, this is revolutionary and shows the right way to use 3D; sadly, like the first movie, I am sure it will set a trend of everyone trying to milk this technology but not really understanding how to do it at this level.

If there was still any debate that Cameron is the king of the sequels, this puts a nail into it; this movie is superior in every way to the original, but one, the story is better, the acting is better, there is an emotional weight, but sadly the score never gets to the heights of James Horner work and that is even more clear when his work is used in the movie.

Many elements in this movie worried me, but they really nailed it; they brought Stephen Lang’s character back in a way that didn’t feel forced, the character arcs really developed and moved the story forward and did open up pandora, so now it is clear to all the potential of this world and how we can move forward to many more movies.

In every shoot of this movie, you can see the love Cameron has for this IP; it is clear that for him, this is not just a money grab; every single shoot is full of love and care, and he is just mesmerised by what he achieved, that is the biggest strength of the movie but also its biggest flaw, this is a 192-minute movie where a big chunk of it could be cut, there are so many shoots of Pandora that at times we feel its almost like a documentary.

Still, Cameron brought us into his world. If once I suspected this could flop after “Avatar: The Way of Water” , I am now sure he once again will cement his name with another top 10 highest box-office movies of all time and give Disney the top spot of the year once again.

Have you seen it? What did you think?
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