“Top Gun”
“Top Gun”

“Top Gun”

“Top Gun” (1986)

Ok guys so I watched “Top Gun” for the first time, and let me tell you, now I feel the need… the need to watch it again and again and again.⁣


Yes its cheesy as hell but in the best possible way, Tom Cruise charisma is in a level that no other human being can ever achieve and that on its own could carry any movie, but then you add action, coolness, great supporting characters, great one liners, a killer soundtrack and you get one of the best experiences you will have watching a movie.⁣

We dont really see movies like this now, movies that are striped down to the core and are not over complicated with side plots and twists and turns. ⁣

This is a guy that is the best at what he does, over confidente that goes trough something and loses is confidence and later deals with the same issue and just like that is back at being cool. ha ha , love it.⁣
What did not work for me was exactly the only side story, the love interest, don’t know what it was but just didn’t feel the chemistry there, so I was a bit disconnected from that part of the story.⁣

However, I was very interested in the love triangle of Maverick, Goose and Iceman Lol. There were loads of chemistry there and I actually cried when Maverick lost his best friend.⁣

The action of this is great, and you can see that the director really knows what works to keep people invested and on the edge of my seat, talked with my dad about the director, Tony Scott, and was really sad to know now what happened and will for sure check so more of his movies.⁣

People might get mad with my 4.5 stars to this movie because its on the level of masterpieces I saw before but this for me is an excellent example of a timeless movie that no matter how old you are will have great fun and be singing “Danger Zone” way after it is over.⁣

Have you seen “Top Gun” ?⁣
What is your favorite movie to watch from the 80’s just for the fun element of it?⁣




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  1. Milton Mendes

    I have seen Top Gun so many times and it s pure 80´s,My personal favorite 80´s is definetly Back to the Future because is such a fun ride and everything is iconic from the duo Michael J.Fox/Christopher Lloyd, Biff Tannen and the Delorean of course.

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