“Talk To Me”
“Talk To Me”

“Talk To Me”

“Talk To Me” (2023)

Talk to Me was an incredibly unique film. It not only had the fear factor through its stunning and heart-racing visuals, but it also challenged your internal self. It had the quiet horror of films like Hereditary, Bones and All and movies like The Sacred Killing Of A Deer, where the directors focused on the substance rather than the scare. The Philippou brothers focused on the horror of consequences and morality and furthered it with the risk of losing family members. In my eyes, nothing can be scarier than that. No demon, ghost, or jump scare because we can’t relate to that reality; we can’t imagine it in our lives. That’s where the twins really won our hands. 

Firstly, let’s talk (wink wink) about the visuals. Some moments of the film were visually simplistic, but that did the film a favour. Once again, it gives that aspect of reality; it provides us with a sense of comfort that can be toyed with later in the film. However, despite the shots being quite common-looking, they were still engaging and grasping due to the editing. The montage sequence of them all trying their hand and getting possessed is a perfect example. Talk to Me’s shots focus on the incredible acting, and that’s scary enough; it never goes too overboard. But the moments where we were in the ‘limbo’ are breathtaking, and some of the cinematography will be remembered in my mind forever. They look like pieces of art, some reminding me a lot of Goya. The whole film was captivating.

The storyline, paralleled by outstanding performances, created a genuinely diverse film amongst the horrors that have recently come out. Sophie Wilde was breathtaking on the screen, and the camera loved her. She had elements of what Mia Goth and Taylor Russel in their films, a sense of innocence but yet something creepy and unnerving about them. This worked perfectly with this film; we could tell she was grieving and that even though her face was static, something more dangerous was happening in her mind. The Philippou twins also set out detailed characters, which we immediately connected to! The film had substance! We cared deeply for the characters and, most importantly, their relationships. This is what most horrors lose, but Talk to Me is prioritised!

Talk to Me’s ending was perfect; it was the best way to end the film. Once again, less is more; we don’t need a grand dramatic conclusion. The simplicity of this one was haunting enough! The Directors presented her world for the rest of her life; she is a part of the vicious cycle that caused her so much harm. It’s dark, cold, and never-ending as the rest of life continues.

Overall, this film surprised me. When I read the reviews, I thought there was too much hype for it to be true. But no, I am joining that hype train; this is definitely joining my top 10 horrors. The only problem with this film is that I would have loved to have seen a couple more of the ghosts that took over them or were haunting her just because they were so captivating, every single one. Despite this, there was nothing else in my eyes to question or not enjoy. A24 continues to amaze me, and they have a rhythm that never loses; they know exactly what audiences want. I love them. I love this film. 

I love you guys, so talk to me in the comments and tell me what you think.

What was the best horror movie you have seen this year?




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