Challengers (2024)

Let’s kick things off by celebrating Zendaya’s incredible year! From “Dune 2” to now “Challengers,” where she not only shines as the lead but also flexes her producing muscles, it’s safe to say she’s acing every role she takes on!⠀

In this flick, Zendaya embodies a captivating mix of strength, charisma, and raw magnetism. It’s like the role was tailor-made for her! She flawlessly showcases her versatile talent, pulling from bits and pieces of her past performances to prove she’s a force to be reckoned with. Whether it’s a simple scene or a striking moment of beauty, she effortlessly steals the show like a true star.⠀

And speaking of stars, Zendaya’s not the only one shining bright here. Mike Faist and Josh O’Connor deliver stellar performances, forming a trio that’s both believable and utterly engrossing. Their chemistry keeps you glued to the screen throughout.⠀

Now, let’s talk about Luca Guadagnino. While I wasn’t initially sold on his previous works, “Bones and All” and now “Challengers” have me singing a different tune. Maybe he’s found his magic when working with the Dune cast!⠀

But here’s something curious—the music. It’s a wild card that both intrigues and confuses. Sometimes it hits the mark, adding layers to the story, but other times, it feels like it’s crashing the party at all the wrong moments. Still, its unpredictability adds an extra layer of excitement to the mix.⠀

Now, onto the editing. While the non-linear approach can work wonders, here it occasionally feels like a rollercoaster ride with too many twists and turns. Simplifying it could have made for a smoother viewing experience.⠀

Despite its flaws, “Challengers” stands tall as one of the year’s best. With standout camera work and a cast that commands the screen, it’s a must-watch for any cinephile.⠀

What kind of movie should Zendaya take on next? ⠀




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