“Beau is afraid”
“Beau is afraid”

“Beau is afraid”

“Beau is afraid” (2023)

We can express any opinion about this movie. You may love it or hate it, find it genius or absolutely ridiculous, but what you cannot deny is that Ari Aster takes risks. And for that, I will remain his fan and support any movie he creates, even if it is hit or miss for me.

“Beau is Afraid” is not just a movie; it’s a piece of art that challenges the audience. It makes you think, but also forces you to resist the urge to give up and leave the theater, which a few people did in my screening. I understand what Aster was trying to do, and there are brilliant parts of this movie. I would even say that the first two hours are probably his best work, and if he had stopped there, he would have nailed it.

The way he tackles depression, anxiety, and social commentary is beyond the capabilities of every director, as well as his recurring theme of generational trauma, which he previously portrayed in “Hereditary.” However, the problem lies in how far he takes it in the last hour, and when we reach that one scene with the father’s revelation, it was just too much for me and ruined what he had achieved until then.

This movie lasts almost three hours, and by the end, you can feel every single minute of it, even with Joaquin Phoenix carrying the whole weight with his incredible talent. There is no denying that it demands a lot from the viewer, and that made me wonder whether this was more of a social experience for Aster.

This film is filled with messages, symbolism, and themes, which I’m usually a fan of, and it often prompts me to re-watch and catch more. However, because of how heavy-handed it felt for me, I cannot see myself revisiting it.

Nevertheless, after all has been said and done, Ari Aster remains one of the very few directors whose talent, creativity, and courage to make movies that no one else does I can appreciate even when I don’t enjoy the film. That’s why I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

Have you watched “Beau is Afraid”?

What’s your opinion of Ari Aster as a director?




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