“Scream 6”
“Scream 6”

“Scream 6”

“Scream 6” (2023)

Sometimes I wonder why I keep giving chances to certain franchises that, with every new movie, just keep getting worse and worse to a point where I don’t even remember why I was a fan; well, the reason is movies like “Scream 6”.

Last year when everyone was going nuts about “Scream 5” I just could not get it; it was just trying too hard to be clever, and it just rubbed me the wrong way.

There was no question Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett loved the franchise, and they knew horror, they knew the rules, and because of that, they knew how to break them, but in the middle of showing off their talent and knowledge, I felt they forgot to have fun with it, and that for me was where it lost me.

Well, this time, they hit the nail on the head; yes, the twist and the killers are very predictable, and yes, there are many stupid decisions by everyone involved; and if you over analyse it, there are many things in the plot that make no sense, but who cares.

Ghostface is at an all-new level; there is a new approach to him that really elevates him to the level of some of the most iconic slasher killers; unlike the movies before, he doesn’t hide; he doesn’t attack only in the shadow; and the supermarket scene is very cool because of just that new approach.

Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega as the Carpenter sister are just cool, and reallyyyyyyy love where their arc is taking them; they really flip on the head the “final girl” horror troupe and can open many possibilities for where the franchise can go.

The rest of the cast is ok, it’s always nice to see the return of some legacy characters like Kirby, played by Hayden Panettiere, but to be honest, it is the new blood that makes this movie interesting, and I would be happy if we could move forward.

The other element that makes this movie stand out and fresh than the ones before it is the city of New York, the play with having this murder get out of the shadows and show he doesn’t care anymore is really refreshing, and just hope their were more moments like the one in the subway.

On the 6th movie, “Scream” is able to make us care again, actually to be excited for the next one.

Even compared with the first, “Scream 6” is fresh and brings something new; it would make Wes Craven proud.

I hope it keeps gaining momentum and that for the next ones, the directors get even more confident and can just clean the slate that came before and don’t be afraid to kill some of the key characters, I will not go into spoilers, but I would love for them to have done that in this movie.

Have you seen this movie? What did you think?
What other franchise did you get excited about after a recent sequel?

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