Leave The World Behind
Leave The World Behind

Leave The World Behind

“Leave The World Behind” 2023

If you loved this movie, I understand, if you didn’t care for it or even hate it… I understand.⠀

Leave the World Behind” is that kind of movie—bold, daring, and divisive. Some may dismiss it as an irritating, senseless waste of time, while others will discover a profound narrative with layers of messages that unravel like a mystery, gaining complexity and impressiveness upon reflection.⠀

Personally, I approached the movie with no prior knowledge of the book that served as its inspiration. This blissful ignorance enhanced my viewing experience. As the story unfolded, it struck a chord reminiscent of “White Noise.” Like that film, I could anticipate the varied reactions it would elicit. Clocking in at a hefty 141 minutes, the movie’s duration may test the patience of some, especially when it concludes with an open ending that, for some, will feel like a slap in the face.⠀

Yet, it’s precisely the open-ended conclusion that I found refreshing. It invites viewers to craft their own interpretations, sparking discussions about what might have transpired. With each conversation, certainty grows or new questions emerge, adding an engaging layer to the experience. This is a rarity, particularly for a Netflix production often tailored for a more mainstream, zombie like audience.⠀

The ensemble cast delivers stellar performances, complemented by top-notch cinematography. However, director Sam Esmail’s excessive “drone” and perspective shots detract from the freshness that some of these unique and creative shoots could bring to the film.⠀

“Leave the World Behind” delves into several themes, echoing the thought-provoking vibes of “Black Mirror.” From the perils of technological dependence to the disconnection we experience with others, the film tackles issues more relevant than ever. It also explores what holds value in the face of an apocalyptic scenario—an aspect that captivated me throughout and that was beautifully explored with something as simple as the last episode of “Friends”.

Without delving into spoiler territory, if you’re seeking a movie that challenges your perceptions, this is an excellent choice. I long for more thought-provoking films of this calibre from Netflix.




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