“John Wick 4”
“John Wick 4”

“John Wick 4”

“John Wick 4” (2023)

For some time now, “John Wick” has carved his name in cinema history as one of the best action characters ever created, but this fourth movie just raised the bar for everyone in how to shoot an action movie.

“John Wick 4” is an incredible achievement. It’s beautifully shot, with amazing cinematography and camera work that we’ve never seen in any action movie before, like the bird’s eye view inside the mansion that gave us an action scene we’ve never seen before.

Some of the shots in this movie are just pieces of art, and being able to capture that when you have so many moving parts is impressive. For example, the last scene in front of the church is straight out of a comic book.

The action choreography is just out of this world, and only an actor like Keanu could keep up, and a director like Chad Stahelski could achieve it at this level. This is a movie where the stunt doubles are just as important as everything else. They really bring these crazy action scenes to life, from car chases to blades, guns, falls, and everything else you can imagine. This movie sets new standards from now on.

Chad Stahelski is, more evident than ever, the right guy for this job because the main goal of this movie is to achieve the best action sequences possible, and that’s precisely what he does. 

My only issue is that sometimes, there’s too much excitement from his side, making it hard for him to cut scenes and maybe pull some of them back from being just over the top and impossible for humans.

Still, he and his team created an interesting world that, even if you take Wick out of it, we want to know more about it because of how layered and detailed it is.

Some new characters are very cool, like the one played by Donnie Yen, and we could see spinoffs coming out of his character and of Mr Nobody.

With 169 minutes of non-stop action, this is one of the best times you’ll have in the cinema. But by the end, the cinema will be laughing out loud at just how over the top everything is; the stair sequence is probably the best example of that.

“John Wick” is one of the best action franchises ever, probably even the best one and “John Wick 4” for me is, apart from the original, the best sequel, especially because of the ending that I felt was perfect.

What is your favourite “John Wick” movie?




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