Abigail (2024)

The trailer made me think this would be silly, but it still seemed like it could be fun. After reading all the great reviews, I was actually feeling positive about it. Sadly, after watching it, I have to say that I was correct about the silly part.

The movie starts strong, and it’s one of those films I wish I could have seen without watching the trailer because the twist is great. The issue is that the twist comes way too soon. It would have been great if we could have been kept in the dark for longer.

The reason for that is, as soon as the twist is revealed, the movie starts to just add more and more to the lore, but it never really feels like it has gained enough momentum to keep it interesting. The storylines become even more convoluted, and what we had of character building is not enough to make us care. Melissa Barrera and Dan Stevens are actually interesting and have great chemistry, but the movie is about Abigail, and Alisha Weir has a hard time bringing the more dramatic moments to life.

Visually, the movie is cool, and it has some interesting concepts like Abigail’s “puppet” power and also the vampires’ reaction to light.

It’s a movie that tries to be funny as much as it tries to be scary, but at times it feels like it takes too long to set up what could be a universe where sequels could exist.

It’s not what I expected, and it actually disappointed me a bit, but I do think many people will have fun with it.

What is your favourite vampire movie?




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