Hi there!

Apparently, You Only Live Once (YOLO).

The idea is that you should do the most of your life because you only have one.

But why? Is one enough?

What if We told you there are other lives out there.

Where you can go and look for the lost ark, go to a galaxy far far away, Have dinosaurs walk next to you, be scared for your life because a colossal shark is in the water and be best friends with an extraterrestrial that just wants to go home.
Movies allow us to do that, will enable us to be happy, sad, excited and learn from the experiences of others, We fall in love with certain Characters, they become our friends and their lives in a certain way become our own.

My name is João, and I am 41 and because of that I fell I lived uncountable lives, but the best thing with living is sharing, sharing stuff with Who you love, and that is why I share my love for movies with my daughter Jasmine.
Jasmine is only 16 but since she was born that We watch movies together and love talking about movies.

So We say UNYOLO, and want to show you all the other lives out there.

Big J & Little J