“Birds of Prey”, how Harley Quinn smacks DC into the right track

“Birds of Prey”

Review by Big J

“Harley Quinn smacks DC into the right track…”

Every time a new Dc movie comes out, there is always hope that this will be the one that will change it all for DC that they will stop running behind and catch up, well this is not that movie, “Birds of Prey” is the movie that goes a different way and shows the Marvel way is not the only way.

What Marvel accomplish in these last 10 years is crazy, but to rush in to try and copy it is even crazier. DC characters are entirely different; they are more out there, they connect better with violence and absurd stories, and also, the comedy has to be completely different.

After “The Joker” and now this one we can only hope DC understands that they should focus on standalone stories, they can even connect some points like “Birds of Prey” does but they should not mold movies around that, but the most important thing they should learn is how to let the talent they have in this movies that love the characters do their own thing.

Birds of Prey harley Quinn

The reason this movie works so well is that Margot Robbie knows exactly who this character is and she loves her, the love and energy that she injects in this character is just infectious, and you can feel it flowed into the all movie in front and behind the camera.

Cathy Yan was not a name we knew. Still, we are sure we will from now on, but in case we didn’t know a woman directed this movie, some details made that clear.

 Only a Woman would understand this characters so well to in a middle of a fight sequence, we have Harley giving an elastic, so Black Canary can tie her hair to fight better, can sound like a silly detail but believe it’s not.

 She showed in this movie she knows how to create a cool, slick, fast and action-packed movie, but still allow it to slow down in the right moments so we can connect with the characters by seeing their weaknesses.

Visually the movie is stunning and comes to no surprise that the cinematography was up to Matthew Libatique that is no stranger to create cool comic book worlds after his work in “Iron Man” and Venom, he uses color in this movie like it is another character in the story.

This use of color also goes into the costumes, sets, and everything around creating a very unique world that fits perfectly with Harley.

Birds of Prey Girls

In a movie full of great performances like Mary Elizabeth Winstead that is great as Huntress, Jurnee Smollett-Bell that kicks ass as Black Canary, Rosie Perez as detective Renee Montoya, Ella Jay Basco as the funny Cassandra Cain that helps bring out another side of Harley and the scary Chris Messina as Victor Zsasz it is Ewan McGregor as Black Mask that almost steals the show from Margot.

McGregor plays a very layered bad guy, he is smart and ruthless, but at the same time he is completely flawed, and that makes him interesting, the way McGregor decided to portray him when he has no mask is really interesting because it almost created a duality of personas that completely fits the Harley universe.

All that said it’s time to talk about the reason this movie even exists, Margot was born to play Harley, there is no way around it, she just gets her, it’s not the looks of Harley but she just gets how broke this character is, how she in a way is just another girl that feels she doesn’t have a place in the world unless others recognize her.

The decision to make this movie based on the simple concept of how to move forward after a breakup that defines you for everyone was perfect, it alow her to show another side of Harley, and Margot took it by the balls.

In this movie, she also showed she could play as hard as any of the boys, there are some sequences in this movie that would make Deadpool jealous, and yes, some 4th wall breaking also that would make him proud.

Also, we need before going into what not worked to talk about the soundtrack, it’s incredibly cool and keeps the beats of the movie-going into perfect harmony.

Birds of prey 3

But this is in no way a perfect movie, the biggest issue with the movie is the way they decided to tell the story, it’s all over the place.

It cuts back and forward, uses many, many graphics to explain who certain people are, what it is cool but at some points feels like a computer game, and also having Harley narrated the story from start to end starts being a bit too much.

There are some bits that felt a bit unnecessary and not going into spoilers the ending made a few mistakes that they probably will regret.

Still, Harley is great and could get in our list of female Bad-ass characters and also this movie is so much fun that we need to update our list of best comic book movies to add it there



Have you seen this movie? What did you think?

What is your favorite Margot Robbie role?


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