Joker is one of the most important movies of this generation


“Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?” 



This quote kind of explains it all, it explains why this movie is what it is, if the world is crazy, we need to leave out the bulls#!t and say it as it is.

When the movie was released it was critically loved, it won awards and had standing ovations but then someone reminded everyone that we need to be politically corrected, that the message could make some react to it, so the movie started to be judged not by its merits but about its message, a message that many said promotes violence and makes a villain come out like a hero.

Ironically this is where we believe this movie nailed it; this movie does not promote violence, looking back at it the Joker kills fewer people in the all movie the “John Wick” in any 60 sec of his movie, but instead we should be looking at the reason it all happened, and how we as a society could help these people, we should focus on the reaction but the actions that took us there.

This movie is not about superheroes or villains; there is no point discussing who is the best Joker because this movie does not care about it, it has a much bigger bone to pick, and Ledger can keep the title of best Joker because this one wants to shake the world.

Todd Phillips decided to put a mirror in front of society and then when society decided to look away it just smashed the mirror in its face, he didn’t make a comic book movie, no he had something he wanted to say, something that needed to be said and because he knew people would not go to a cinema to watch it he hide it inside a joker movie, and on the way he even made some Batman references.

The cinematography and sound are incredible, and yes, many will compare it to Taxi Driver, but when the criticism is to compare your movie with one of the best movies ever made, I think they will take it.

The score is creepy and really helps the movie to get under your skin, and that, combined with the gorgeous images, elevates this movie to a level of art.

This movie is layered; he goes in and out of fantasy and reality and lets the audience, in the end, believe in whatever they think is the truth, this is another decision that in my eyes makes it even more interesting as a message of what kind of society are we, many saw him be glorified but you could easily see another side, but will not go into it because of spoilers.


All the components we talked before would be enough to create a great movies, but this is Joaquin Phoenix movie, yes there are other people in the movie, and one of them is even a legend like Robert Deniro but who cares, Phoenix steals every second of the movie, he devours the script and vomits it out with no barriers to who he will offend in the end.

He lets his body, eyes, and mannerisms tell a story of conflict, of someone that is breaking down and probably could be saved with some little act of kindness.

Many will see this as a way to justify the acts of a monster, but do we really believe all monsters are just born like that?

Is it not worth to try and see if anything could be done to help it?

Phoenix is just incredible and honestly don’t know if the academy will have the balls to reward him for his courage but to be fair I don’t think he cares in comparison to what audience will thank him now and maybe in 50 years when people call this a masterpiece like they do about Taxi driver and the shinning.


This movie is about society, how an idea can be a virus if that idea lets people that are feeling left out get even, we are seeing that today, seeing bad people take advantage of desperate people.

Its about the strong preying on the weak, about bullying and us as a society thinking its ok, they decided to place this movie in a time pre-internet and honestly I don’t think it was a coincidence, in that time bullying had to be face to face and when we see that we automatically believe its wrong, but today we all attack each other behind a keyboard and never even think how that affects someone on the other side.

Why are we not discussing that? Why we are saying, this movie is showing us that and not explaining why is that a reality.

Why are we not fighting, it can be our friends, family, or even our president, but we need to stand up for people that are lost before it’s too late.

This is easily the best movie of the year so far, and if it opens the eyes of some people it will prove that it is one of the most important of this generation,

Final score

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  1. October 4, 2019

    Thank you for the review. The movie definitely shows how our mental health system is failing us when so many are calling for improvements in the system. Chose the divisiveness in our society. However, all the Press wants to talk about is the Army and the police and how they’re turning movie theaters in the fortresses in preparation for this movie. It’s a shame because you’re taking away the premise of a classic

  2. Nerdvana
    October 4, 2019



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