Why everyone deserved a better “Dark Phoenix”

After watching “Dark Phoenix” what will be for sure the last “X-men” movie from the Fox universe a strange feeling comes across me, it’s like looking at a pass relation, all over a sudden I just remember the good moments and we started to miss it.

The X-men franchise had its ups and downs for sure, but looking at it all together we can say we enjoyed more movies that didn’t, and this last one is the perfect representation of that journey.

Inside one single movie, we have some of the best and worst moments of the all franchise and honestly shows how big of waste this second generation of a cast was.
James McAvoy, Nicholas HoultEvan Peters, and Alexandra Shipp fit their parts perfectly and even Jennifer Lawrence, when she puts her heart in it, is really strong in her role.
But its Michael Fassbender and especially Sophie Turner that this movie made me want to see more of, against a lousy script, wrong direction and just an all in general bad studio decisions they still are able to shine on their own merits and its even more obvious that who is in charge knows less about this characters then the actors playing them.

x-men dark phoenix

So the positives apart from the cast go to the first 10 min that is interesting, a fantastic action sequence in a train that showed the x-men darker than ever, and a final moment that was cool to see Sophie Turner finally letting her powers free, a scene that had a redemption felling to a character that felt put in the box for most of the movie.

But all this is sandwiched between many bad ideas and decisions that I would mainly blame on the studio execs of Fox, and will tell why;

x-men dark phoenix

The Phoenix saga is one of the biggest moments in the x-men universe; it requires time for us to see how jean changes, it requires for us to be invested in her relationship with Scott and we need to feel how it weighs on him.
Sorry to say Tye Sheridan is not up for the challenge, he has absolutely no chemistry Sophie Turner and to be fair having all the time that visor does not help it, if we look at the original x-men movie we see how using the sunglasses allowed James Marsden much more freedom.

x-men dark phoenix

We are all about second chances but come on, Simon Kinberg is the writer of “X-men: Last Stand” that was the horrible first try to bring the dark phoenix saga on screen, he did a horrible job so why bring him back to not only write it again but also directed it, and more being is first time directing a movie.
There are so many issues that go down to the lack of experience, we have a “fight” that is just 2 actors with their hands in the air going back and forward because the director does not know how to shoot and make it look cool, luckily we have two very good actors that make it a bit less silly.

x-men dark phoenix

– Not caring about the franchise or the universe is based on, say what you want but like it or not the MCU is the example to go by and one of the reasons it became what it is today because the people behind it took it seriously.
In this movie nothing is taken seriously, not even their own movies, in the movie before Apocalypse we had a big end scene where we got hinted about the immense powers of Jean and the Phoenix, those powers were inside her, well in this movie lets just pretend that never happen and just write a all new reason. They put characters in the movie as Easter Eggs, but they dont look nothing like the comics and then we just get to know who they are just seconds when they die, yes and they are really big powerfull characters that are used as just another character to die in the mess of the big fight, do you know who I mean? did you spot it? Ohhh and don’t get me started on the characters that for no reason are what they want for the story to move in the direction they need, Magneto switched character more times then McAvoy in Split, and he was not alone Nicholas Hoult changes emotions faster then Quicksilver can run.

x-men dark phoenix

So the “Dark Phoenix” is no way the worst movie of the franchise but it will be probably the most disappointing because it could have closed it much better. It even did something very few movies ever did and that was making Jessica Chastain seem like an ordinary actress, she could have done so much more with this role if given the material to really go for it.
It did not focus on the essential parts of the story and just made the same mistakes it did the first time they tried to tell this story.

All that said we did got many cool things from these 19 years of x-men and we want to point out the elements that worked.
We will go through the 7 movies of the main franchise in the order of worst to best in our opinion.


x-men dark last stand

7 – X-Men: The Last Stand
– Kelsey Grammer has the Beast; strangely it did work
-The last scene where Wolverine needs to kill Jean, mainly because of those 2 actors they do make us feel the weight of that moment.


x-men dark apocalypse

6- X-Men: Apocalypse
-Storm looks cool and works for the role
-Olivia Munn as Psylocke looks the part
-Another great Quicksilver moment


x-men dark phoenix

5- Dark Phoenix
– The excellent action sequence in the train
– The darker storyline with Magneto and many others getting their full power unleashed
– Sophie Turner and Michael Fassbender owning their roles


x-men first class

4- X-Men: First Class
– The introduction of James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender as Professor X and Magneto, they are perfect in this role
-The retro look of the movie
– Michael Fassbender inglorious bastards moment



3- X-Men
– The opening sequence in the Nazi camp
-Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
-Patrick Stewart as Professor X and Ian McKellen as Magneto, again they nailed the casting
-Rebecca Romijn as Mystique
-Having the x-men the first time on screen was magical


x-men days of future past

2- X-Men: Days of Future Past
– The opening sequence with the sentinels
– Jenifer Lawrence as Mystique
– Peter Dinklage as Trask
– Evan Peters as Quicksilver and the escape sequence in slow motion
– Wolverine with bone claws
– Nicholas Holt Beast


x-men 2

1- X-men 2
– The opening sequence with Nightcrawler
– Alan Cumming as Nightcrawler
– Wolverine in berserk mode when school is attacked
– The all weapon X subplot
– Lady Deathstrike
– Brian Cox as William Stryker

What is your favorite x-men movie?
What is your favorite character in all these movies?

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