The Disney and Fox deal is done, now what? 16 things we would do

We all knew that this day was coming for a while now, but the 20 of March of 2019 will be in history forever as the day Disney acquired Fox.

With the Fox deal, there is an incredible number of properties and companies coming to the mouse umbrella what makes them probably the most powerful media company to ever exist.

Disney now can add to their library;
– Some Marvel characters (x-men, fantastic 4 and all the characters associated with them) and even the concept of mutants
Star wars materials ( the original theatrical versions of episode 4)
– A controlling stake in Hulu (they now own 60%, the remaining 40% is held in a 30/10 split by NBCUniversal and WarnerMedia)
– Movie studios like 20th Century Fox, its associated prestige films arm Fox Searchlight and also Blue Sky Studios the animated branch of fox
– Tv channels like National Geographic Channel, Fx, and Sky
– And thousands of movies and tv shows that will be key for their streaming service and to battle Netflix for the number 1 spot

So if we were in charge of Disney what would we do, this is the 16 things we would do.

fox disney future

1- Get full control of Hulu

Acquire the 40% left of Hulu, at a previous valuation Hulu was worth around 9,5 billion dollars, with this sale its value probably skyrocket to around 15 billion dollars what means the 40% would cost them around 6 billion dollars.

For Disney this is nothing after spending 71.3 billion dollars on buying Fox, this would give them full ownership of an established streaming service with more then 25 million users ready to go to war with Netflix if they dump all the content that doesn’t fit the Disney brand and there is a lot, “Family Guy“, “Die Hard”, “Aliens”, “Predator”, all the R content from Marvel like “Deadpool”, “kingsman” and etc.

fox disney future

2- Give people a better deal than Netflix

With everything they own now they can create a streaming service with building blocks, where we can choose to have Disney+, espn+, and Hulu each separate or combined with better prices, also put in FX and National Geographic Channel in the mix and you can virtually have something for everyone.

And if you really want to put the nail in the coffin of Netflix give your streaming clients the opportunity to see all your big movies in the cinema before everyone and discounts in your parks, this would be a powerhouse to compete with Netflix like no other.

fox disney future

3- Create different arms of your properties to have more freedom.

Instead of being limited to one big MCU create other parts of the Marvel brand, by creating, for example, Marvel Knights, just like they did in the comics Marvel, they can go into more adult content and not worry about damaging the main brand, this would work perfectly for the shows Netflix canceled, the “New Mutants”, “Deadpool”, “Wolverine” and even one-shots and again this would be gold for Hulu.

fox disney future

4- Use the post credit scene of “End Game” to get the ball rolling

There will be for sure a point in the “Avengers: Endgame” that somehow the infinity gauntlet gets destroyed or releases its full power, use this to create an after credit scene where there is a ship that gets hit with this full energy blast and falls to earth, use this to create the origin of the fantastic 4.
The same way captain marvel got her power from the time stone blast this could explain the different powers of the fantastic 4 and tie in with the MCU and create the buzz for the new properties.

fox disney future

5-Make the fantastic 4 one of the banners for the next phase of the MCU.

Of all the properties the “Fantastic 4” feels like the one that fits the best at the moment and also the one that can bring really interesting storylines to a universe that already feels very focused on the space component.

Check out our fan casting for the Fantastic 4 in our instagram here

fox disney future

So bringing the “Fantastic 4” to the Big screen as a keystone in the next marvel phase will allow introducing some new enemies with the potential to be the new Thanos, like Dr. Doom, Galactus, Super Skrull that could tie well with a Captain Marvel 2.

Also, introduce characters to spin off into their own movies like Silver Surfer and Namor.
Namor would need some work to figure out where rights are and acquire them but could be a good villain for the fantastic 4 and then spinning him into a hero and give dc competition for Aquaman.

fox disney future

6- Create another team up that could use the second tier heroes

With silver surfer and Namor in the mix, they can then add the hulk and doctor strange to create a “Defenders” movie and this way use this characters in movies with a bigger profile and that would work better in the box office like “Civil War” and “Thor Ragnarok“.

fox disney future

7- Use the patient that you showed with the Avengers.

X-men unlike some of the other properties don’t look so easy to fit in essentially because of their scale, there are many characters and would need time.
We need to believe that they have always been there but have been hidden, maybe with the help of Professor X and Cerebro that hide them all from the public until it got damaged in the snap of Thanos.

fox disney future
Introduce them with time and create spinoffs for the characters that deserve and need to be developed before going in huge sagas like the Phoenix, the main reason fox was never able to pull that story of is because we never cared about Jean or Scott, so develop this characters in other movies.

Check out our fan casting for the x-men here

Also “Gambit“, “Cable” and “Wolverine” being fan favorites have potential to grow in their own franchise and from “Wolverine” we could spin of the first movie of a Canadian superhero team with “Alpha Flight

fox disney future

8- Use Deadpool in a clever way

Leave Deadpool rated R, let him comment on the universes and use them to explain, promote and make fun of the full set of pieces on the table, use him to help people understand what is going on.
When needed, have him crossover and always be aware he needs to behave because it’s not R properties.

fox disney future

9- Build the Hulu catalog with bets on recognisable properties

By acquiring Fox, Disney just got a huge amount of content to put straight away in their streaming but at the same time they also acquired the rights to make new content with cult shows like;

X-files– There is a huge opportunity by rebooting this and going back to the routes and instead of the conspiracy theory that we had in the final seasons we just focus on a different mystery every episode, maybe we can even use themes from the other universes like mutants, aliens and etc.

Buffy– In a world that everyone wants strong female characters Buffy can be the female Blade, there is much cool stuff to be done with her.

The A-team– Every episode someone needs help and the A team is here to help, simple concept that can easily work, the movie honestly was not bad and showed it could be something cool.

Kingsman- Apart from the movies that are great and can continue we also have an opportunity for a very interesting tv show.
On the same tone of a mission impossible show but more fun and crazy, a new agent every episode, from different countries, different missions and we have ourselves a very cool one-shot show.

Diary of a wimpy kid– it’s the perfect show for Disney and the movies showed there are enough people interested in them specially if it’s turned in to an easy to consume tv show.

fox disney future

10- Some properties are better left alone or rethink.

Don’t touch the properties that are already working, shows like “Family guy” proved they work better when given the creative freedom.
Also, don’t touch the ones that are not to be able to continue for several reasons, a good example is Die hard, that movie worked because of Bruce Willis and his character, you take him out and it’s just like every other movie all studios tried to do and failed.

Independence Day, it was unique at its time but with Disney has “Star Wars”, “Guardians of the Galaxy” and so many other space properties there is nothing this one can bring to the table, just cancel the sequels for this and let it be.

Also, cancel the sequels for last year “Predator” and whatever it’s happening with “aliens”, for predator start from scratch when the right talent and story shows up, for aliens start as a sequel from the first 2 movies and give Neill Blomkamp a chance.

And finally leave “Planet of the Apes” alone for a very long time, there is no way to do better than the last trilogy so don’t try it, with time a new generation will probably be ready for a new retelling.

fox disney future

11- Wait and see what comes from projects already on the making

This is mainly about one project, Avatar, it’s already too late to stop and honestly, there is talent and track record to risk it, also straight away start implementing the world of Pandora in the Disney parks

fox disney future

12- Give the love and respect the “Simpsons” deserve

The show in the last couple of years has not been the same so its time to let it go while it still leaves good memories, if this is the case they can still let Pixar make a movie every 10 years and it will probably be a huge hit and keep the reruns going strong for many more years.

fox disney future

13- Leave the Blue Sky Studios to help with the load.

Animation takes time, and Blue Sky Studios can bring an all-new positioning that all the other animation branches of Disney dont really have, also they can shift their focus to creating material to the streaming services and create an umbrella of animation where Disney animation, pixar, and Blue Sky Studios can collaborate and bring “Ice Age“, “Peanuts” and “Rio” to the mix to continue their stories.

fox disney future

14- Be original with properties that otherwise will not really work today

One good example of this is the “Home alone” concept, in the world of today would not work and its just silly, but using the documentary genre like “What we do in the shadows” we could create fun shows where Macaulay Culkin teaches how to create cool things with stuff around the house, kind of like “Mythbusters“.

Also “Night at the Museum” would give great opportunities to create a history show for kids with where every episode we learn with something that comes alive in the museum, and then we can use the characters we will get to know in movies with bigger stories.

fox disney future

15- Use the Disney magic to create a new franchise

Make Percy Jackson your Harry Potter, the movies showed there is potential, just reboot and give it the right talent, and create a universe between the cinema and the tv to create a full 360 experience, this could also give them a property in the fantasy genre to compete against Narnia that will be in Netflix and “lord of the rings” that will come to Amazon Prime Now.

fox disney future

16- Put National Geographic again on the map

National Geographic is a unique channel that already can bring much to the table, but Disney can make sure a completely new public will watch it, by creating more content for the kids, using Nemo to tell stories about fish, Black Panther to show Africa, star wars to talk about the cosmo, make sure kids want to see and learn and give it an extra demographic.


So looking at all this new opportunities plus what they have already announced with Marvel, Star Wars, and the live action Disney classics ready for Disney+ plus everything they didn’t even touch like Indiana Jones we can say for sure the future of Disney looks bright and every other company should be afraid or maybe see it as the next one to be acquired, Sony and DreamWorks could be there next possible targets but we can even see Netflix crumbling and ending up being swallow by the Disney empire.

fox disney future

Final score

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