Unyolo list of Christmas movies for every taste

Christmas is around the corner and with that comes the holidays, in our family that means its time to watch a load of movies together.
Every year we discuss what the best movies to watch at Christmas are, but we think it depends on what mood we are in, we might want to laugh, or just want one that will melt our heart and maybe even make us cry, we might even want to be scared.

So because of that, we decided to pick 3 films of each genre and let you pick it depending on your mood, so let’s start.

Christmas is usually one of the happiest times of the year, a time we spend as a family and we love to laugh as a family so our first genre is…


Christmas movies - home alone

“Home Alone”

Ok, we know its a pretty obvious pick and one that probably you watched a million times, but let’s be honest even after watching it a million times don’t you laugh every time?
This Chris Columbus movie was written and produced by John Hughes, Hughes is behind of some of the best movies of our childhood like “breakfast club”  and “Ferris Bueller’s day off” and another movie that is on our list and we will talk in a minute, this movie really showcases what Hughes does so well, he tells stories where the grownups secondary so the young ones can shine.

In “Home Alone” that is what we all loved when we were kids, we loved that even Kevin being a kid that didn’t stop him from saving his house and even being afraid he gain the courage to do it, that was inspiring and Macaulay Culkin really sold it and Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern are also another of the highlights of this movie.

Christmas movies -scrooged


There is about a million version of Scrooge including one with the muppets that we really recommend everyone to watch, so why do we pick this one?
Well, to start it is probably the weirdest one, it’s a bit darker than all the others but that makes some of the comedy also a bit edgier but the main reason is simple, Bill Murray.
What Bill Murray always brings to every movie is his charisma, we always get hypnotized watching what he is creating right in front of our eyes, this is no different, he takes us on a trip from us hating him to the end where we believe he deserves a second chance.

Richard Donner could seem like a weird choice to do this movie if we see he did things like “Superman”, “Goonies” and the “Lethal Weapon” but he did a perfect job because he knew all he needed to do was to give space for Murray’s talent to shine, this is a perfect movie to watch at Christmas and even if you know the story you will have fun with it.

Christmas movies - national lampoon

“National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”

Any movie with the Griswolds in our opinion is one you need to watch, so one that is put around Christmas time is a no-brainer when we should watch it.
This movie takes to the next level what happens with most of us in every Christmas, yes its not this bad but we all have funny stories we could tell.

The main reason this movie works and it’s not just annoying is the casting, every single person in this movie is hilarious but actors like Randy Quaid and Beverly D’Angelo really shine and are only under the shadow of one man, Chevy Chase.
Chevy Chase is a comedy genius and even after so many years his performances seem like they don’t get dated, he is just the common man that everything that can go wrong goes wrong, and that is what makes it hilarious.

Christmas is also a time of love, to be with our loved ones and maybe even to fall in love, so to all the romantics here are 3 movies of…


Christmas movies - love actually

“Love actually”

Another movie that probably everyone already saw but never gets old, I think we see this movie every year, and every year it melts our heart.
It’s genuine, it never tries to be something he is not, it tells beautiful stories and it has different ones for every taste.
The cast of this movie is amazing and even being a cast full of stars you always fell its perfectly cast and balanced so the stories and emotions never get put to the backdrop so the stars can shine.

Christmas movies - holiday

“The Holiday”

Unlike the majority of the other picks, we did this movie wasn’t one of our favorites straight away, this first time we saw it it was ok but nothing that wow us.
With time we started thinking about the characters and especially the actors that played them like Jack Black and with that we decided to give it another go, have to say it was a good decision.

This movie works exactly because of the performances, the story is simple and nothing that would capture the imagination but the 4 main actors Jude LawCameron DiazKate Winslet, and Jack Black fell every frame of this movie with love and hearth and we can’t stop from just feeling so involved and invested in them.

A great Christmas movie so we all can see that you never know where you will find love and that keeping our heart open is important.

Christmas movies - just friends

“Just Friends”

Ok many will say that this movie belongs more in the comedy side than in Romance, well its true that a movie with Ryan Reynolds and Anna Faris usually ends up being a comedy even if that is not the objective, this one always intended to be a comedy but in the process it did create a really beautiful love story.
Reynolds is hilarious on it especially in every scene that he is in a fat suit but also he really knows how to play that guy, the guy that has a second chance with the one that got away and tries to impress her in all the wrong ways.

Ok let’s go into a more unconventional choice for Christmas but that can still be fun…


Christmas movies -better watch out

“Better watch out”

So imagine if Home alone went even further and that all the theories about Kevin being a psychopath were real, you would get something like this movie.
Olivia DeJonge that people might know from “The Visit” of M. Night Shyamalan is cool and is a great final girl and Levi Miller that didn’t have much luck on “Pan” or “A Wrinkle in time” as an amazing part here and in a way we never saw him before.

What is cool about this movie is how fast it is, it jumps from one place to the other and always keeps us wondering what is happening but never loses the humor what makes it a really fun movie to watch at Christmas.

Christmas movies - rare exports

“Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale”

This is probably a movie that not many saw, a Finnish movie that was developed from an 8 min short that the director did 7 years before is one of the greatest horror Christmas movies you will ever see.
The story is simple, imagine in an archeologic dig we found the real Santa, but imagine he is not like we ever imagine him, then add really cool characters and a feeling of “strangers things” and you get a fun and exciting movie.
This movie will be a bit weird for some people, there are naked elves and we will not say any more, still, it is a great mix of horror and Christmas feeling and the weirdness of it just makes it more fun.

Christmas movies - Anna

“Anna and the Apocalypse”

Christmas and musicals have always been a thing, music can bring all the joy out of people, but how about a musical of Christmas and zombies?
Yes you heard it a zombie musical at Christmas, and yes it is weird but that is what makes it so interesting and engaging, we end up singing along with it and the gore turns out to be a lot easier to deal with.

Ella Hunt captures what this movie is perfect, she makes it fun and she has fun playing this part and uplifts all thing.

It’s not as good as “Shaun of the dead” but still, it is a different way to have a bit of Christmas spirit while still having the chilling factor of a horror movie.


Christmas movies - gremlins


This is a classic, not only for Christmas but at Christmas it is the perfect time to watch it.
Joe Dante did an amazing job bringing this story to life but let’s be honest when you have a story written by Chris Columbus and produced by Steven Spielberg you have half of your job done.

This movie still today will capture your imagination, with great creature design that shows animatronics can still do what CGI just wishes it could, it will make you want to have a Mogwai for Christmas and have nightmares from when they turn into gremlins.

Christmas movies - edward

“Edward Scissorhands”

This is our favorite movie ever, it’s magical and it is the perfect Christmas movie, it’s about love, about welcoming people that don’t belong and that should be what Christmas is about.

Tim Burton visuals are one of the things we love the most about his movies but its also about the heart in every frame, and honestly, no one can bring his message to life better than Johnny Depp.
There are so many unforgettable scenes but more than that there are messages in the movie that are perfect messages to share at Christmas, it’s all about not judging the book by its cover and to give people a chance.

After so many years this is still the movie that can transport us to a world full of fantasy and imagination and that we just get happy as soon as it starts.

check our “Edward Scissorhands” review here

Christmas movies - grinch

“How The Grinch Stole Christmas”

This could have gone really, really wrong but what Jim Carrey was able to bring to the character with his performance elevated this to a true classic.
The movie brings all the spirit of Christmas with a lot of dark humor that most of it kids will not even understand, still, kids will love because Carrey physical comedy connects with anyone.

Visually this is another movie that not many will reach even close, it looks and feels like Christmas and this is probably one of the last classics that people will enjoy for many years even with this new animated version that just got out.

Many might think that violence and action nothing as to do with Christmas but some of these movies just because they happen around Christmas time people associated with Christmas and have loads of fun watching them


Christmas movies - die hard

“Die Hard”

Bruce Willis made it very clear many times before, “Die Hard” is not a Christmas movie, well most of us don’t really care and will enjoy it every Christmas.

The character that John McTiernan brought to screen and Bruce Willis brought to life is one that many of us connected straight away, we cared about what happens to him and love how he uses sarcasm to keep control of a horrible situation but this movie also works because we really believe the villain of the story and that is up to a perfect performance of Alan Rickman,

This might not be the classic movie we think for Christmas but in the end, we all will be screaming Yippee-Ki-Yay mother f#%&€r.

Christmas movies - kiss kiss

“Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”

One thing Shane Black knows how to do is fun, he knows how to create bigger than life characters and who better then Robert Downey Jr. to play the main character, but he is not alone, Val Kilmer completely kills it and the non stop attack to RDJ character is hilarious, Michelle Monaghan that for our Christmas will leave a memory of a perfect Miss. Clauss.

The movie is fast passed and funny while never forgetting the action and the mystery side of the story that will keep everyone entertained and make it loads of fun to see it with other people.

Christmas movies - batman returns

“Batman Returns”

Tim Burton knows how to create magical worlds and that is why in our picks in many different genres we have one of his movies or movies inspired by his vision, so even when he does a Batman movie he is able to bring a magical world and it happens to be Christmas so it does feel like a Batman Christmas movie.

No matter the time of the year a Batman movie is always cool but when he can bring a bit more to tie in with the season of joy we need to take it.

And finally one of our favorite genres that many people see it as being for kids but we believe tells some of the best stories…


Christmas movies - Nightmare

“The Nightmare Before Christmas”

This pretty much encapsulates everything a Christmas movie should be, its visually stunning, great flawed characters that have an arc and learn a lesson, it as many, many unforgettable songs and with the vision of Tim Burton creates an amazing world that takes us from Halloween to Christmas in an organic way and makes that journey in way feel very relatable.

This is one of the true Christmas classics that you can see every year and will never get old.

Christmas movies - Arthur

“Arthur Christmas”

This was a movie that after our first watch didn’t really impress us but with time it kind of started getting in our list of movies to watch at Christmas, it has a hearth and it does put the comedy even on some more serious subjects of the movie.

This is the movie that many other movies tried and be, movies like “Fred Claus” wanted to use the aspect of the family member of Santa Claus and all the issues that would bring, none did it like Arthur and visually none looked as cool as it.

Christmas movies - charlie

“A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)”

This is the oldest movie of our list but, to be honest, you can’t tell, it is still as fun as the day that it came out, Snoopy is a timeless character and the way they approach Christmas is one of the most heartwarming and beautiful stories of all of our picks.

Another thing is that the animation still holds up, its simple but it doesn’t need to be more then what it is, all of its strength is in the story.

So that is the movie of each genre that we have more fun watching but what is the one that we can’t go a Christmas without, that we need to see and that we know we will have fun.

Best overall

Christmas movies - elf


The “Elf” is the movie that put two people we love on the map, Will Ferrell was already known on Saturday Night Live but this movie was what made him a movie star, he got this part after the project was many years in the limbo and because Jim Carrey dropped out, and to be honest this is probably the only movie we believe Jim Carrey would not be perfect for, Will Ferrell brought the childlike qualities that this part requires.

The other talent that this movie shined a light and maybe because of it we had a perfect birth of the MCU was Jon Favreau as a director, in this movie he showed he could bring the silly to screen and make it relatable and full of heart, and more than that he showed he knew how to spot talent and let them run and give them freedom to bring their characters to life.

And all this together gave us a movie that should be a joke and ridiculous but ended up being a Christmas classic that will melt the heart of the Grinch.

So this is our picks, are we missing any cool Christmas movies to add to this list?

Let us know in the comments.

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