What if we had to reboot Guardians of the Galaxy?

What if we had to reboot Guardians of the Galaxy?

Who would you cast?

We love to think about who would we cast on new movies coming, its a fun exercise, but in this case not as much.

Probably all of us know the situation of “Guardians of the galaxy vol3”, James Gunn that was the heart and soul of the project got fired by Disney, we will not discuss that decision because there are many points to each side and there are rights and wrongs on both sides, the important thing is that it’s done.

The cast is not happy and especially Dave Bautista that openly said he would like to leave the franchise, also all of the cast made an open letter saying they wanted Gunn back.
On top of this, it doesn’t look like there are many A-grade directors willing to take that job, some because of loyalty to Gunn but mostly because it’s a scary job to take.
Unlike many franchises Guardians is one almost universally loved and everyone will be comparing the new director to what Gunn did.
Also, Guardians are well set in their ways, Gunn created really great characters and no one wants that to change.

With all this Disney put Guardians on indefinitely on hold, meaning we might not even get a new guardian, at least for a long time.

guardians reboot

So we hope we do get the Guardians back because the original Guardians are still our favorite MCU movie, as you can see in this post where we picked our Top 20 Comic Book Superhero Movies, but the next Guardians movie might not happen for a long time and who knows if we get the exact same ones.

We got challenged on who we would pick for a new guardian movie and what story we would tell.

We love challenges so here it goes:

“Guardians of the Galaxy reboot”

So to start we need to set the tone of this news guardians, we believe there were 2 things that made guardians a hit, first the characters and second the tone, so why change the tone.
Guardians were made to be a funny, quirky and a fast-moving space opera and that is what we would still make it.
So with that tone in mind who could we pick to direct, James Gunn was practically an unknown, he had just a few movies under his belt but a lot of experience in writing and creating original content, but all the other stuff that we love in this movies who would have guessed he was the right guy,

A big part of the guardians was the music and that was a part we probably would not guess looking at Gunn previous work.
So we started to look at directors and had some ideas, but some of them got knocked down because of diferent reasons, we wanted directors that actualy could be hired for real not just who we taugh could be a great fit.

Our first pick was Edgar Wright but we knew Marvel and himself are probably never going to work together again, in our minds its a shame, looking at what he did with “Baby driver” he could definitely nail the soundtrack, and how his Cornetto trilogy mixed so many genres with comedy we could actually see a great guardians movie coming from him.

Next was obvious in everyone’s head, Taika Waititi, but we kept thinking how is this guy going to continue to create fresh Thor movies while he needs to also create fresh Guardians movies and more importantly how will he make them look different.
We loved “Thor: Ragnarok” so we don’t want to mess that up.

We started to understand why Disney is finding it so hard to find the right guy for this job, so we tried to think outside the box and got to a name probably no one ever taught about before, John Carpenter.
John Carpenter is for many reasons the perfect choice, first even James Gunn would probably get behind his movie, Carpenter is a god for the horror fans and must be for sure an idol of Gunn.
John Carpenter is probably the first guy that created this kind of Antiheroes that we all love in Guardians, “Escape from NY” and “Big Trouble in Little China” gave us two of the best characters in cinema history,Snake Plissken .and Jack Burton

He also is great with music, writes the music for almost all his movies and knows how to use it to help tell his story like very few can.

So he was in our mind for a long time, but for some reason we still had reservations, maybe because every time he is given a big budget he doesn’t really put out his best work, also being a legend like he his, he probably is not ready to play ball with Marvel and get inputs regarding the MCU connections with all the other franchises.

guardians reboot

Our confusion was still very much alive until the day we saw “Upgrade”, this movie had many of the things guardians had, it had conflict, humor, badass action, innovative visuals and it looked fresh.

This was the work of Leigh Whannell, so looking at his IMDB we got worried, he only had 2 movies in his curriculum, “Insidious 3” and “Upgrade” but then we scroll down and saw that he was the mind behind not only all of the “insidious” franchise but also the “Saw” franchise and 2 very under ratted dark comedies “The Mule” and “Cooties”.
In case you never saw “The Mule” we recommend it 100%, you will understand why we think that a guy that wrote a 103-minute movie about someone not going to the bathroom and made it tense and interesting can succeed with anything.

So our choice to direct the new guardians would be Leigh Whannell, a newcomer that is a great writer and loves horror and dark comedy and is willing to risk to create innovative visual impressive movies with kick-ass action, sounds familiar?

Ok, we have 2 of the main ingredients the next one would be to cast of the actors that would replace the ones we love and can’t see anyone doing their job, easy right?

One thing we always loved in the original movie was that sense of family and lost all the characters shared so we wanted to take that even deeper.

We will go deep cut into the comic books in some parts and will try to explain as best as we can.

So there are a few key plot things that we need to decide how it would happen, how do our heroes meet and what challenges they are facing and what is being set up for the next installments.

We loved the way they meet in the first movie and many other things so we will keep a few things.

guardians reboot

Peter Quill/ Star-lord

This character worked in many ways because he didn’t feel like a tough action hero, he was a guy with skills but did many mistakes, that is who Peter is.
His background story of his mysterious space dad and mum that died and left him music as their connection was extremely powerful so we would leave that part and jump to how he spent his first years on earth rebelling and being angry with the world, he is extremely focused on finding a way to find his dad.

After many years and clues, when he his about 13 he finds a way to steal a quinjet from the Avengers and follows a beacon that takes him to a destroyed planet and where he is captured by the ravagers and is adopted by them to become the criminal he his today.
Many years later we have the Peter we all love, someone that does not listen and because of that he decides to go after an artifact and all of the Ravagers are killed by a giant dragon, Star-Lord is the only survivor and decides to hunt him down.

Chris Pratt was amazing in this role mainly because even in real life he was never seen as a lead men in a superhero movie so we wanted that exact same characteristic.
The name we picked already has an advantage on Chris compared to when he started, Scott Porter is the actor that does the voice of Star-Lord in the animated series, just like Chris he would need to go into extream training to get in shape for the part but we believe he could do it.

guardians reboot


Gamora is all about attitude, her character needs to scream badass as soon as we see her, in this new movie she will be hunting the same monster Peter is because he destroyed her planet, Gamora will be a cold assassin with a dark and mysterious background.
As she hunts down the monster her paths with Peter start to cross and this puts them against each other until they decide they need to join forces.

Replacing Zoe Saldana will be one of the hardest jobs because she was perfect in this role, so we decided to get someone that attitude would be the main trade, Ruby Rose.
Ruby Rose has the look but also the chops to be scary and impressive in the role.

Rocket & Groot

Rocket will be an arms dealer that Peter dealt with in the past but things didnt go well, but once again peter needs his help to get weapons to be able to destroy the monster they are facing.
We will have a lot of a tension between this 2 characters just like we have in the original movie but they end up joining forces after Peter makes up a story of some treasure the monster is carrying.
Groot just like in the first movie is Rocket only friend and bodyguard.
For this 2 parts, we picked Simon Pegg because we think Rocket with a British accent would be cool and Andy Serkis for Groot because let’s be honest no one can do this kind of roles like he does.

This 4 characters would be our first lineup of the guardians

so who else would be part of this story?

In our story, there will be 6 “opponents” that will spread in a trilogy of movies, one will be in the shadows controlling everything and 5 others with different motivations and story arcs.

The first opponent they will have to face is “Drax”

guardians reboot


Unlike in the first guardians, Drax will not join the guardians from the beginning, he will show up every time they are trying to kill the dragon and not understanding why he keeps getting on the way, at the start, they think he is a bounty hunter chasing one of them.
Drax is extremely dangerous and much more powerful that he is in the original guardian’s movie and he alone will be a challenge to the guardian’s team.
With time they understand he is trying to protect the dragon because, in fact, it is his daughter, MoonDragon.
For Drax we need a big guy but he also needs to know how to use comedy, we think Bautista set the bar so high with his dry comedy that we can’t have a rock type personality into this so we decided on Joe Manganiello, if you saw “Magic Mike XXL” you know he is a funny guy and probably could bring that humor that Bautista did so well.

guardians reboot


Moondragon is a weird character but with a lot of potential, being the daughter of Drax could be interesting on its own, but she can also turn into a giant dragon.
In this movie she would be the muscle, she would be the unstoppable force that destroys everything in her passage, but is she really evil?
Drax believes she is being controlled by someone, and in fact, she is, Mantis is using her power to make her do the willing of her boss, but who can he be?
For Moondragon we picked Cara Delevingne because she looks like Moondragon out of the comics and we believe she could bring that character to live.

guardians reboot


So in our version Mantis is not that innocent girl we saw in the other guardians movies, she his more like the comics, an extremely dangerous fighter that can defeat almost anyone in a fight, also with her powers to control emotions she is a perfect enemy for the first movie, we also will find out she is doing this for someone that we never know who it is and just see him in the shadows.
For the part of Mantis we picked Jamie Chung, she not only looks the part but she can look badass and scary like we saw in “Sin City: A Dame to kill for” and “Sucker Punch”.

Because Thanos is at the end of his run we will be using another purple extremely powered enemy, Magus.
For the people that don’t know magus, Magus is a future evil version of Adam Warlock, this would be a great storyline because we could use this unique connection with Adam to create an amazing story.

guardians reboot


This can be a really interesting character because it’s like the yin-yang, one is the personification of pure good and the other of pure evil.
So in our movie, we will change a bit of the story in the comics, Magus will not be a future version of Warlock but he will be another personality that comes to life because of the soul stone in his head.
We will have Magus in the shadows and we will not see him until the third movie, Warlock, on the other hand, will be there since the first movie and will be who the guardians believe is behind everything.

They will attack him in the second movie getting to the end of the second movie believing he his good and there is someone else behind everything, just to see him turn into the enemy they always thought he was.
for this role we wanted someone that could bring the physical presence but also that cold look to the part, we picked Alexander Skarsgård for this part.

The guardians on this quest to stop moonstone and fight Drax and Mantis end up break many rules and laws so by the start of the second movie they have many people chasing them, one of them is a kind of space police the Nova Corps, that sends their most powerful recruit to bring the guardians to justice, Nova.

guardians reboot


In our movie Nova is a kid, a kid that is very powerful but still learning how to use his powers, he decides to prove to everyone he is ready and decides he is stopping the guardians on his own.
His personality is very much like Tom Holland Spider-Man he is excited to be doing this and its always making jokes.
For Nova, we wanted a kid that could bring the fun but more important someone that could show the other side he is hiding with the jokes, and orphan that wants a place in the world, for that we picked Timothée Chalamet.

The last piece of the puzzle is Nebula, that sees the bounty on Gamora head as a way to get back to her.

guardians reboot


Will be the unstoppable hunter not caring about who she hurts she only wants to get revenge on Gamora because she believes Gamora abandoned her and their mother when Moondragon destroyed their planet, she was badly injured and had to be rebuilt as a cyborg.
We want someone very unique for this part, someone that can use her body in strange ways like she is built different from humans.
The only person that comes to our head is Sofia Boutella, also the fighting style we saw in “Upgrade” would work perfectly.

In our movie Nebula and Nova would end up joining the team and Mantis and Moondragon would end up dying,

What do you think of our idea of a Guardians reboot, do you have your own ideas on a story and casting please share with us.

Final score

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