So after many weeks of its premiere, we finally got “Ant-man and the wasp” in our country, and to be honest it was probably a good thing because we needed that breathing space.

We will talk about what we thought of the movie but also what we think this can mean for the MCU now and for its future, and believe us when we look back at this movie we will see how it changed the “Endgame” of it all.

So why is “Ant-man and the wasp” in our opinion one of the MCU movies with the biggest importance in the big scope of things?

Well for us there are many reasons to take into account, let’s talk about them before we review the movie;



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1- “Infinity War” was too much of a movie.

Picking up on the amazing Honest Trailer made by Screen Junkies, “Infinity War” was too much movie, what we mean with that is that so much happen that was overwhelming.
We had more characters than any movie before, bigger action and many of our favorite heroes dying it was like a rollercoaster and it ended on the top of it and with “Avengers 4” we will have the ride of our lives.

So what Marvel had to do before that? Well if we look at the case of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” and “Solo: A Star Wars Story” we learned it would be to soon to release “Avengers 4” at Christmas, so they need time not only to let people get excited about it but also to set key parts of the next movie.

So we know “Captain Marvel” will be a huge part of that movie, but we also know she will be the most powerful hero in the MCU, so we can assume big action pieces will be part of her movie, maybe some that will even rival the Infinity war, so we needed something that would allow us to breed before that.

This is where “Ant-man and the wasp” come in, they were able to just have fun and go small, no pun intended.

With that they changed gears again, they made people relax and remember the fun side of the MCU again just like they did in “Thor: Ragnarok”, this makes what happens in Infinity war even more of a one-time event.

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2-Could explain a big “Captain Marvel” question?

We Know now that the “Captain Marvel” movie will be set in the past, much of the movie will count with a two-eye Nick Fury that will be de-aged, so this raises issues.

In the first “Avengers” movie Nick Fury sets up the team in case there is a danger too big for S.H.I.E.L.D. to handle, so he got everyone to join in for the battle of New York, Ultron and the earth invasion by Thanos, so where was Captain Marvel in all this? Why didn’t he call her before?

In the last 10 years, Marvel showed us they know what they are doing, very rarely they leave a question unanswered.
The reason why the most powerful hero of the MCU was never referenced or called to help will be one that for sure they will want to answer, and we believe the answer is in “Ant-man and the wasp”
Just like Janet Van Dyne, she could be in the Quantum Realm, but unlike her, she could be there by her own choice, maybe like Bruce Banner she believes she is too powerful to live on earth and that her powers need to be contained.

The reason we believe she is there at her own choice is based on the after credit scene at the end of infinity war, Fury had a way to reach her and ask for help so that looks like a last resort kind of plan that they set up
Being in the Quantum Realm would also explain why she would not age because time works differently there and being half Kree she could maybe not age normally there.

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3- It sets up “Captain Marvel” to succeed

“Captain Marvel” at the moment looks like a sure bet, the box office expectations are huge, its Marvels first female lead movie, its the first appearance of one of the most powerful heroes in the comics, it will set everything just before Avengers 4 and bring many of the set pieces of phase 4 in play with the Skrulls becoming a centerpiece of the universe.

So why did it needed help?

Well, Marvel is not happy with just doing well anymore, they want to break records after records so they wanted to give this movie a few more weapons to fight.

If “Captain Marvel” would have been the next movie everyone would be comparing it to “Infinity War” if the box office was not at least a billion dollars it would cause conversations about what was failing.
Ant-man is seen by many as the small Marvel movie, it only needs to do a tiny bit better in the box office than the previous and its a win, something that it looks like it will do very soon after his release in China (Check here).

Also, “Ant-man and the wasp” didn’t give many answers to Infinity War unless you paid a lot of attention to the details and know the comic books, because of that now everyone is looking at “Captain Marvel” movie as the one to set up the bridge between “Infinity War” and “Avengers 4”.

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4- Sets up a way to sort out what happened in Infinity war

Many people see “Ant-man and the wasp” as just a fun movie and completely separated from the events of Infinity war, but if we look closer there are many things in the movie that can give us clues to what will be happening in Avengers 4.

In “Ant-man and the wasp” post-credit scene just before Scott Lang goes inside the Quantum Realm Janet talks about time vortexes, this is the key we needed to solve the “Snap”.

Many rumors and pictures on set look like we will be having time traveling in Avengers 4, well if the rumors are true the way that looks more logic to happen is with the time vortex in the Quantum Realm.
It can be Ant-Man that by accident falls into one and goes to the past or maybe he gets help from someone, we are more turned to the second theory.
At this moment Scoot doesn’t know what is going on, he doesn’t know about Thanos or what happens to his friends, so even if he would go back and meet the Avengers I can’t see how he could help in any way, on the other end Captain Marvel was reached by Fury and we don’t know how much she knows, maybe she can reach Scoot if she really is in the Quantum Realm and they both can save the world

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5- They set up a third Ant-Man and its own universe

Up to now Marvel always created trilogies with their characters, Ant-Man we believe will be no different especially because their unique universe keeps on growing.
The Wasp was amazing in this movie and many will want her return, Janet played by Michele Pheifer is too good to waste, she will have much more to bring to the Ant-Man franchise and maybe even show a bit more of what so many years alone in the Quantum realm really did to her, she could even become the next villain making the all dynamic with Hope really interesting.
Ghost was cool and she is still alive, many parts of her character weren’t completely developed and there is much more we want to know, and her relation with Golias is something that we want more explored.

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6-They set up a new franchise that could change the all MCU

So after Avengers 4, there are many questions of where the MCU can go, we will have Black Panther, Spiderman, Guardians and many of the sequels of the franchises that still have logic to exist.
But what is the future of the Avengers? Well, they can go the way of the comics and just have different compositions of the team and pick and choose from their heroes who will be there.
But on “Ant-man and the wasp” there is a scene that is funny and heartwarming but for many, it can be the setup for something much bigger,
When Scoot daughter Cassie is talking to him about Ant-man she talks on how he should get a partner and her father doesn’t understand she means her, this came out as a bit of a joke but what many don’t realise is that in the comics Cassey follows her dad footsteps and becomes a version of Ant-man and today she is in the comics as a hero called Stinger and is a part of the “Young Avengers”.
Emma Fuhrmann is already part of the cast of Avengers 4 as an older Cassey so it looks like there is something there.
The Young Avengers would be a perfect franchise for Marvel next, being able to have actors being part of a movie franchise for much longer and also addressing the younger fans that would identify much more with this heroes would be a smart play for Marvel.

So this is the 6 things that could change the MCU and that one way or the other Ant-man is connected, but how about “Ant-man and the wasp”?

This is our review

João says:

The secret of Marvel is their diversity, and no I am not talking about the diversity of the cast that is so much now in the public eye, no I mean the diversity of their movies.
Unlike many other franchises that had something that worked so they just copied it over and over again, Marvel was smart to understand that each of their characters was unique and had different tones.

Marvel is starting to look like a big ice cream shop, yes they only sell ice cream but with many flavors for every taste;

If you like serious spy movies, you get Captain America;
High school drama and coming to age movies, you have Spiderman;
Space opera, Guardians of the galaxy;
Heist fun movies are more your thing? You have Ant-Man;

And on this second one we can focus on the word fun, Ant-man was one of the best comedies I have seen in many years, yes it was a superhero movie, yes the action was amazing but the cast knew what they were there for, to give everyone a good time.

The story had some issues with the flow sometimes, there were many plots going on and that stole for example time for us to go deeper into the background of Ghost, but having this cast helped to solve it, in the worst parts of the movies this actors charisma made the difference.

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And that is Marvel’s secret sauce, the casting, again and again, they cast the perfect people for each part and oh my god this cast is hilarious, what can we say when the amazing Walton Goggins is probably the worst out of the bunch.

Paul Rudd is the perfect Ant-man and even better as scoot Lang, every second he is on screen is pure joy, Evangeline Lilly beauty is only surpassed in this movie by her capacity of being a badass, and just like in the first one her chemistry with Paul Rudd is perfect.
Michael Douglas being part of this movie was a huge win for the first Ant-Man but it is amazing seeing how much fun he is having with this, but adding the talent of Laurence Fishburne and especially Michelle Pfeiffer we know there is lightning being put in the bottle.
Michelle Pfeiffer is the perfect Janet and in this movie, she felt miss used, but it all felt like a set up for something much bigger with her, maybe in Avengers 4 or Ant-man 3, but she is for sure a character that can grow into a much deeper character.
The supporting cast that every movie would love to have is also back, T.I., David Dastmalchian and especially Michael Peña steal every scene they are in.
And finally the villain, many times these movies had villains that we just didn’t care, lately, I think they solved this and Hannah John-Kamen as Ghost is another great character that I believe we will see much more in the future, maybe even as a hero.

The movie had one objective, it wanted to be fun and it succeeded in every single way, maybe we could have a bit more structure to the plot and I still don’t see what the character of Walton Goggins and is plot line brought to the bigger scheme, unless who he works for is something interesting and being set up for the future of the MCU.

This is one of the best and most fun Marvel movies yet and I hope to see an Ant-man 3.

Jasmine says:

This film is just so funny, it is so funny and silly that it is accessible to everyone. Even my sister who isn’t a marvel fan thought this film was amazing.

The action was incredible and it is amazing how far Marvel has come through the fighting choreography to the effects and sets they have since the original Ant-man.
I loved it even more for it’s after credit scene, was cool to know Ant-Man will be in Avengers 4.
I think it is going to be really important to how the next Avengers movie develops its plot.

But we talked about that before.

Ahh how much I laughed at this film.
Scott is just so relatable and funny that it is crazy. Even though it is just his normal self, that is why it is so funny. It is just his comfort zone, an example of this is when he is reading the fault in our stars and is crying his eyes out. Well, do I even need to explain why I identify so much with him?

My dad was crying with laughter at the scene where Scott goes small and had to wear a tiny jacket. This movie was just laughing the whole way through.

But it wasn’t just Scott who made everyone laugh their heads off, it was also Luis, Kurt, and Dave. OMG how I cheered them on, I think if any of them had superpowers it would be to get everyone to tell the truth(get it because of the truth serum. I couldn’t breathe at the end of the film I laughed that hard.

ant-man and the wasp unyolo

Ghost and Wasp were just amazing! Thank You marvel for bringing these two brilliant female warriors in the MCU. I wished they both had their own film. Their action scenes just outdid the whole of the cast.

They are fearless, they fought and fought until they got what they wanted. This helps every single girl learn that if they have resilience and learn that no one can stop you from what you want.
Ghost was just scared overall about dying, that’s why she fought everyone. No one could understand the pain she had except wasps mother. So all the way through the film I felt sorry for her. I just hope she comes back for more films.

Overall this film is one of my new favorite Marvel movies, not at the top yet. It is funny and amazingly set out. I just hope to see a lot of them in the next Avengers movie.

Haha, so funny thinking about it. It’s just too funny.

Final score

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