Why “Mission: Impossible Fallout” will kill a part of cinema history

Since the first “Mission: Impossible” in 1996 that Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt killed many opponents, but one this last movie he might have killed much more than he bargains for, he might have killed a piece of cinema history.

By making the best Mission Impossible movie 22 years after the original and giving us a character that now we all know and care he might have killed any chances of James Bond to keep going.

James Bond is a part of cinema history since his first movie “Dr. No” in 1962, but since then allot changed, not only in regards to the cinema but regarding society, the character of James Bond is outdated and no matter how much they try and refresh it always feels dated or it doesn’t feel like Bond anymore.

I know its not the first time James Bond feels like it is in trouble, I know James Bond always outgross all spy movies in the box office, James Bond has the brand recognition worldwide like no other spy movie out there, but if we look at movies like transformers we can see that it all can go away from one day to the other, it only needs one bad movie or something better to show up.

in 2002 when the “Bourne Identity” came out we all felt that this was what Bond should be, but there were many things Bond still had that Bourne didn’t, the gadgets for example.
Bourne was like the poor Bond he could only count on his skills and was pretty much always on the run what made the movies and characters feel different and after a while very similar from movie to movie.
Bourne didn’t have much to where to spread his story, he didn’t have missions so in a very short time the franchise crumble.

mission impossible unyolo

“Mission Impossible” is a different animal, since day one he had gadgets, maybe even more than Bond, he had strong teams that always helped to make it fell fresh, and lately it introduces not bond girls but kick-ass woman characters, this is what our society values are at the moment, women are not objects they are our equals.

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The new Bond tried to do that but somehow it still doesn’t fell the same, and maybe the reason his that Bond never really looks like he needs them to survive, he never feels like he got in to more than he could handle, Ethan most of the times feels like he doesn’t know how he will make it work and counts on his team to help him.

James Bond is a spy movie but you never fell the twists and turns, its always very straightforward, the audience today wants to be surprised, mission impossible does that or at least tries to most of the times.

So for this last years, we got a better Bond, but we got a much better Ethan Hunt and that made the revamp of Bond not as interesting or significative.

The talent pool behind the camera put together for the “Mission impossible” movies also make us feel they have a clear idea what they want this franchise to do, they want fresh visions, people that will push their vision to where this movies never went before.

while they picked unique, young and out of the box directors to bring their vision into the movies, James Bond gave us Martin Campbell and Sam Mendes, great directors, yes they are but we know their voice, we know what they do.

mission impossible unyolo

And this is why Fallout can be the final blow on James Bond, on Fallout we got action filmed in a way that was never done before, people were on the edge of their seats, biting nails and screaming when I went to my IMAX viewing, in my lifetime the only time I saw people this impressed with the action was with “Mad Max: Fury Road”

The action makes us feel we are part of it but its clear as day, in no scene we have 60 cuts in a take to make it look fast, no in this movie it is fast.
The bike chase in the middle of Paris is groundbreaking, the helicopter scene is very over the top but especially after watching the making-of and understanding it was Tom Cruise doing it your mouth will be open all the time.

Before Tom breaks his ankle in real life we already had more unforgettable action sequences that in all the movies this year combined, and much to Tom Cruise credit you care about this character, He his not like Bond you believe he could get hurt that he his doing it because he wants to do the right thing, He his relatable.

And much of that comes from Tom charisma on screen, don’t know how he his in real life, but as an actor and the parts he played and especially the character of Ethan, he doesn’t see women as objects, people as collateral damage and his goals are always for the greater good.

But going in to “Mission: impossible fallout” in some more detail, this movie is amazing and I think it is the best in the franchise, still like many movies it could maybe be better if we removed some of the fat.

This movie is 147minutes and at some points, you can feel it, that is 37 minutes more than the original mission impossible and that is a trend that movies are taking that I think sometimes ends up hurting them.

At some points, I felt like Henry Cavill when he shouts “WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO BE SO FUCKING COMPLICATED”

This said I understand it would make it hard to cut some parts of it because they are pretty much all stunning.
This movie watched in an Imax will blow your mind, the way Christopher McQuarrie films action is so fresh and raw, you never get distracted because he puts you right in the middle of it all.

But action on its own doesn’t make a great movie, it needs a story and a script full of amazing characters played by very talented people, this movie is no different the story is not very original and at many points is very predictable, for a spy movie I would love the twists to be much more surprising, something the original movie did in an amazing way, the script helps a bit giving some opportunities for the talent to shine.

And that is where the other main strength of this movies is, the talent, there is not one performance that you can say is bad, pretty much everyone knows what their role is and they embrace it in full, but there are a few that just go way beyond that.

mission impossible unyolo

Simon Pegg and specially Ving Rhames sometimes fell out of place and that they got all that screen time because the director felt he owe them, they act as links for the story and expositional characters that also give comic relief but it falls a bit short mainly because of how strong the rest of the cast is.

Rebecca Ferguson just like in the last movie is a standout, her presence is a great balance for Cruise, at every point she feels like his equal, you always on the edge because if she turns out to be on the wrong side she can do some real damage.

Vanessa Kirby and Angela Bassett have a very short time to show their talent but they do, both of them steal most of the scenes they are in and hopefully we will get much more of them in the future.

Sean Harris is the perfect puppet master, his presence is so powerful, with very few words he makes your skin crawl and you believe no matter what he will be in control and a step in front, its an excellent villain and I would probably say it could give a run for their money to any bond villains.

This cast would be enough to make any movie great and there are others that had small parts but really did what the movie needed from them like Michelle Monaghan and Alec Baldwin, but apart from that we got what probably was one of the best pairings in recent memory, Tom Cruise and Mr. Superman itself, Henry Cavill.

Tom Cruise we all know carries this franchise since day one and in his movies, very few people can steal his spotlight, well Henry did.

mission impossible unyolo

Henry Cavill looks and acts like the perfect spy villain, he his smart, shady and scary with his physical presence, he makes us fell he could beat anyone, even Superman.
Apart from that his confidence and calm in any situation make us feel that at no point he loses the plot that everything is under his control and that makes him even more dangerous then Solomon Lane because he doesn’t make it personal.

This movie is a new standard in action movies, not long ago we had a jump with “Mad Max: Fury Road”, but because of the number of different scenes this one goes for this is even more impressive, from now on every action movie will look at this one and will have to up their game.

And this is what will make it hard for the movies coming in the future, especially James Bond, they will have a hard time matching it and doing it better will be almost an impossible task.

So what will the next James Bond be like, what will they do after Daniel Craig leaves? They need to innovate and hope that if Tom Cruise has to stop doing these movies because he is getting older (not that you can notice one bit) Mission impossible loses some power in their punches, but for now it’s not going to be easy.




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  1. Varun
    July 30, 2018

    True that! Saw it twice in IMAX! All for this unstoppable guy Tom Cruise . He and his team exactly knows how to keep the audience staring at the screen , just couldn’t afford to blink at this one . My favorite was the bike chase in paris , so so REAL . Period . “What’s done is done when we say its done”.


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