Is “Incredibles 2” better than the original?

No, but UNYOLO tells you why that doesn’t matter.

The original “Incredibles” is part of a very small group of movies, it is pretty much perfect, it was revolutionary and catch everyone by surprise so when we ask if the sequel is better it’s not really fair.

Simply because you can still be an amazing movie but when compared to that original you will fall short in a couple of areas, and this one is the case.

So before we start talking about the movie you might be asking, “What is the problem with comparing this movie? Why it shouldn’t matter?”

Well, the reason is simply that the more we do this the more we will scare the talented people behind this movies to try and make a sequel that makes the story go even further.

In a recent interview with Brad Bird the director of both “Incredibles” movies they asked him about doing a third one and his answer was that everything is possible but its always hard to have the fans judging the new movies in the light of the previous and sometimes as an artist you need to think if the risk is worth it.
For a director that already done it 2 times before with this degree of success what is the upside to risk failing and getting the rage of people of the fans?

And he is not the only one, Peter Jackson felt this with the “Hobbit” and his love for the material wasn’t enough because the time wasn’t given to do it right, and sometimes we as fans want the next one as soon as possible and forget the amount of work these movies have.

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So but let’s go into the review of the “Incredibles 2”,

Caution some spoilers might slip into the review.

So Incredibles start exactly at the point the first one finishes and that fits perfectly into this movie because it doesn’t matter how much they role reverse this movie in its core, the motivations and storyline are exactly the same.

It’s about family, how we sometimes need to sacrifice everything for our family, how it’s not easy to balance everything in our lives and still have time to be ourselves, this was in the first movie and again is brought here. What we have more in this movie is the day to day life, we got Elastic girl in the superhero spotlight but this is still very much about Mr. Incredible and how he needs to learn that big problems can sometimes be in his own family life.

This movie works very much as a lesson to everyone that looks at the one taking care of the family life as “having it easy”, taking care of the kids ends up looking harder than saving a city from an out of control train.
That will probably not be a lesson many kids will get but for many grown-ups, it could be an eye-opener.

Like in most animated movies, the lessons are something that comes natural and you never fell push down our throats, check our post “20 LIFE LESSONS IN CARTOONS THAT EVERYONE SHOULD LEARN”

One of the things I was afraid with this movie happened, we got allot of Jack-Jack. I was afraid in the beginning that we would have a “Minions” situation and he would be used as the funny cute character that is just shoe in every 5 min to make kids laugh,  in the end, it was one of my favorite things and that really surprised me.
How well and natural they used him making him the heart of this movie was another genius move by Pixar and Brad Bird.

Incredibles unyolo

Jack Jack and the raccoon will be in every “Incredible” movie from now on, and you can count on many short movies to come, and I say this as a good thing, the chemistry and physical comedy of the two its one of the best moments of the movie and will make you laugh every time.

The characters that we loved from the first one are still all there and they have an arc that really works apart from Dash that I felt was really not used as he could be.

Frozone is still the coolest guy in the movie and I really hope that all of the rumors of him getting a spinoff are true.

Edna is still one of the best characters in the movie and knowing that her voice is done by Brad Bird himself makes it even more hilarious.

So the movie is amazing, it’s funny, still has the same heart that the original had and it feels very much relevant to the times we going through;

  • It talks and shows us strong women, women that can do anything that a man can do.
  • It shows how sometimes we need to look at laws and ask ourselves if they are fair and if they are not we should speak up, we should fight to change them.
  • Talks about the perception of people and media and how fake news can affect how people see certain aspects of our society.

There are many layers to this movie and some of them went way deeper than the first movie so what could it have done better?

Well, the villains.

It’s hilarious that even as an animation this movie suffers from the superhero movie villain problem and this one you fell it even more because on the first movie one of the best things was the villain.

We can understand the motivations but it all so obvious since the first moment, that we start asking ourselves why is not anyone else seeing the signs of what he is planning and even the true identity of who is behind it all.

Still, the action sequences and some of the new heroes turned henchmen are amazing and how they use their powers in the action is really cool.

This is a movie we fully recommend, it doesn’t have the fresh take that the original had because we now have many superhero movies coming out every year, but still shows that superhero fatigue is not a real thing.

Making a great movie is all that matters, if you do one as the box office is showing people will go and see it.

Final score

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