Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (spoilers)

It is happening Again;

Big J and little J are not entirely in agreement about the new “Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom”.
Why are our opinions so different? well let’s Find out

João says:

So let’s start by saying that I watched this movie twice now.
The first time I went on my own to an IMAX 3D session, and oh my god I hate it, felt myself looking at the clock all the time, it just felt long and a generic poorly done copy.
Then because Jasmine hasn’t seen it yet, I went again, this time we went to a classic 2D version.
I have to say I liked it much better, many of the issues I had with the CGI was allot less visible, The dinosaurs looked more blended in the environment and even color wise everything looked more in sync.

Still, I felt it was long, and many of the issues of the first viewing were still there, but to be fair, I changed my first rating of 1.5 stars to 2 stars.

Also, I think I should point out that I will be harsher on this movie than many others out there.
The reasons for this for me are simple;
-This is part of one of the best franchises in cinema history,
-It is still produced by Spielberg,
-This movie was directed by one of the most talented directors working today,
-It has a fantastic cast with some of the biggest stars of today,
-It had a huge budget to create a fantastic world
-It comes after a huge hit and had everyone excited to see it

so because of all this, I will judge it on many details other movies I would let it slide.

But let’s talk about the issues, and explain why for me the first “Jurassic Park” is a high point in cinema history and in this one I was so disappointed, to make it easier to explain and justify my rating I will be separating this in several components.

So in a movie like this what is important?
Well like in every movie we have Story and Characters as the base of everything, and that for me is like 2.5 of the 5 stars.
Then you have the vision of the director, and that is another 1 star,
Being a big blockbuster, we also have the action scenes that probably in a movie like this count for 0.5 a star and finally how it looks would be the last 1 star.

Jurassic fallen kingdom unyolo

Story and Characters;

For me, this is where the major issues of the movie are.

The story pretty much is a rehash of “The Lost World”, you have these dinosaurs, and you want to get them out of the Island, something goes wrong, and they end up escaping while our heroes are trying to save the world.

When I saw “The Lost World” I felt Steven Spielberg missed a tremendous opportunity, the story had so much to go for, and they just didn’t go anywhere.
Well this one for me is more annoying because they went to most of the places that Spielberg didn’t, and they just didn’t have the balls to go all the way and embrace a different kind of movie.
There was so much more potential there, I loved the opening sequence, I really liked all the concept of having these dinosaurs sold to the highest bidder and to be turned in to weapons or just pets for millionaires, but along the way they just overcomplicated the story, like most Hollywood sequels, do.
Every Sequel thinks they have to go bigger, that they have to just pile more action, more CGI and more plot, this I believe its the main mistake of this blockbusters, we want more yes, but more story, more growth in our characters, we want to see the story moving forward.

Every time we get this over the top action sequences, it takes us back to reality because we just think “no way that would happen.”

Having Chris Pratt waking up just minutes after he is hit by a dart that knocks dinosaurs for hours and seeing him drag himself away from melting lava that is only centimeters away is one of those moments.
Yes, I know that Zia took the dart away and it was not full dose, but even half should keep him down for hours.
And at the same time, we have Claire and Franklin inside a room with a curtain of lava, that room would be like an oven and would be dead in seconds.
I know its stupid details but annoys me that there are so much of these things that can be done better and we keep having this lazy writing.
And as the movie goes along, we have many more, the secret lab that looks like no one is ever there and this little girl just walks in and out like it’s her personal tree house.

But I could overlook all this like I did with the “Force Awakens” if we had some interesting characters.

Jurassic fallen kingdom unyolo

We had some good ideas that just ended up going nowhere, the big bad guy, the evil mastermind Eli Mills was just lame in the end.

The big white hunter, played by the fantastic Ted Levine got me really hopeful, we saw glances of what he could be, in the end, he was given as a main motivation this obsession of collecting teeth and never fulfill is real potential.

The little girl and the grandfather mistery was something out of “Dora the Explorer” it was so obvious and so much set up in our faces that when they did the big reveal everyone was like, “no shit.”

Then we have two new characters that are so generic that are probably in school books on how to create a comic relief;
The tough girl that is a scientist and takes no shit of no one, and we know this because she tells us every chance she has.
And the tech guy with the hysterical screams that is always bringing up stuff that feels so out of place that is never funny, just sad.

Finally, We have the two heroes, the ones that are going to carry all the movie, the ones that we loved from the previous film, and when I say this, I mean the exact same ones in the exact same place in their lives and relationship, its like we back to the beginning of the previous movie.

Chris Pratt is always great, and you see he tries his best, in the end, he was just not given much to work with.
One of the problems with the previous movie for me was always this relationship, never felt real and there wasn’t any connection there.
Well, this time there is even less, I don’t think that even they believe that there should be something there, it’s just dull and sad that we couldn’t get and arch for this characters that were actually interesting.
OHHHHHH, sorry, I forgot the last character that we should mention, Jeff Goldblum, yes Jeff what a role he had in this movie, have you seen the trailers?
Ok if you did you saw is all performance, it was just a cameo that the trailers wanted to make us believe he actually had a role in all this.
It felt forced and it’s sad that an actor like him is not given another role in this movie.

So are all the characters bad?
No, the dinosaurs are actually the best characters in this movie, they are given personalities in a way we not seen before and in some scenes, they look more real then all the other actors.

Being a massive fan of the original Jurassic park I felt a bit cheated, the first Jurassic Park gave us one of the scariest monsters ever, and it wasn’t the T-rex, no it was the dinosaurs that could chase us anywhere, that could open a door, the ones that are smarter then all the others, the velociraptors.
In this movie all that is thrown away, Blue feels at many times like a trained dog, they turned this monster into a friend and never gave us anything worst to fear.
“Terminator 2” did this exact same thing and did it in the perfect way, it worked because they bring Arnold back as a good guy, but we fell the T-1000 is even worst then he was, in this movie nothing is scarier than the original velociraptors.
So out of the 2.5 stars for Story and Characters, I would probably give a 0.5 star.

Jurassic fallen kingdom unyolo


J.A. Bayona for me is one of the best directors in the world creating emotions in his viewers with very little.
The Orphanage” is the perfect example of that and with “A Monster Calls” he made it clear that he also knows how to use special effects and still deliver a movie with heart.

And that was my issue with “Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom”, in this movie I couldn’t see the heart I saw on his other work, it was a diluted vision, it felt he was trying to check this points on a list that was given to him.

The intro was his movie, the end bit with the auction and the Indoraptor in the room with the little girl was his movie.
The rest felt like an attempt to show as many dinosaurs as possible, setting up the future of the franchise and just having fun bits so people could see this as a family movie.

A Bayona Jurassic world would not have been a family movie, it would have been deeper and a grittier side of exploring these animals.
For that out of the 1 star, I give it a 0.25 star.

Jurassic fallen kingdom unyolo

The action scenes;

I have an issue with many Hollywood action scenes, if I am watching a spider-man movie I don’t care you throw him down a building against a train, and he gets up and keeps fighting, its a superhero do whatever you want, but then don’t do the same in a movie like “Mission Impossible”Tom Cruise is superhuman, but come on.
In this movie is the same, don’t overdo it, you can make it cool but not having different realities in the same film.
Unless we find out in the 3rd movie that Chris Pratt is half velociraptor he should not be able to do everything he does.
He runs downhill with dinosaurs, as fast as some of them, not even going into the issue that some of them are killing other dinosaurs but him no one cares, he falls from the cliff with dinosaurs, rocks everything falling around him nothing hits him, ye ok.
But the last straw was when he is in a tiny room with the hard head dinosaur, and he so easily gets away from him, later in open spaces, no one can move out of his way, same with Indoraptor that is this unstoppable killing machine unless we just need him to suck for the sake of the action sequences.
Again this is all about the writing, in the original we fell scared because of how they build the tension up, in this one like most of the recent movies is all about the jump scare, and again that is not something Bayona would do.

So for that, I would give it 0.25 stars


So this is the point for me that caused confusion from the first to the second viewing.
Initially out of the 1 star I gave it 0.5 star, and the reason for that was that I loved how they cleverly mix a lot of practical effects on this, but the CGI for me on the IMAX 3D looked horrible.
But after seeing it in 2d I have to go back and give it the full 1 star, the movie looks fantastic the dinosaurs move in such a natural way, there are almost no flaws with it.
This is another point in my battle against the 3D versions, I usually try to avoid them, I had a similar issue with “Avengers: Infinity war” when I saw it in 3D in the end bit when we have Bruce Banner in the Hulk buster it looks so fake, in 2D seems fine.

(Check out our “Avengers: Infinity War” review here)

So putting all together I give this movie 2 stars and like I said in the beginning if this was a first movie of someone and a new franchise I would probably give it 3 stars, but this had the talent to be much more, and we should hope for much more.

Jasmine says:

I guess me and my dad are having another war on whether or not we like a movie.
Mainly because I absolutely loved this movie!
There was action (of course,) romance, comedy and kick-ass characters.

When I say characters I don’t just mean Chris Pratt and the others, I mean the dinosaurs. The visual effects are incredible, the dinos look so realistic and let me say some are scary as hell!

Jurassic fallen kingdom unyolo

First of all, can I say that the dinosaurs are just out of his world, especially how realistic they look compared to all the research we have found about them.
Like how they show that the Brachiosaurus has its giant neck but also shows in the last moments of the island as a Brachiosaurus on its hind legs.
That is what they did to either get really high plants or if they were in fear.

Dinosaurs have always been an interesting topic to me, how similar some are to modern day animals.
I learned most of my stuff from watching millions of David Attenborough’s documentaries with my mum when I was about six.

I saw in this film loads of stuff I only read about, like how Dromiceiomimus was in the stampede,(the quickest dino.) The tiniest things like that make this movie so much better.

Another thing I absolutely loved was the little girl and Chris Pratt.
I loved when the little girl said: “They are alive like me?”
And I have a theory for the next movie, I think she has part Dino in her because of the zoom into her eyes and they look reptile in some way.

This is the stuff I like in Jurassic Park. Small hidden things like that once again are why the movie is so good.
She was made just like them, so why should people save her but not them.

Now there will be many problems because the animals are out in the world.

Jurassic fallen kingdom unyolo

Chris Pratt was excellent in this film. I think that his relationship with blue is so pure and just so full of love. Like a father-daughter or even brother-sister bond.
I know my dad hates that Raptors now are cute and friendly, but well he will have to live with it, I love them like this.
Owen is also strong and courageous because he knows these dinosaurs, he shows no fear near blue and many of the other dinosaurs because he knows that everyone and everything has some type of heart in them.

The only thing that bothers me was how long it was I thought was a tiny bit long.
This was mainly because of having too many plots happening in the movie, sometimes they could just make the story more straightforward.
Also apart from Chris Pratt, the little girl and the dinosaurs, I didn’t really care for any of the other characters.

Overall the film to me was incredible, and it just made another astonishing piece to my Jurassic marathon night. I will love to see this again!!!


Final score

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