Deadpool 2

Why is Deadpool 2 better than the original?
Can it be better than “Infinity war”?

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To start let’s say straight away that it is really hard to do a sequel, people will always compare it to the first one, if it’s exactly like the first one they loved they will complain, if its different and they make something new, people will complain.
“Star Wars: the force awakens” and “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” are the perfect examples of this, but I believe to create a sequel of a comedy is even harder, how to keep making people laugh of something that you did it before, the original Deadpool caught everyone by surprise, that was half of the fun, so I for one was worried about the sequel.

The original director Tim Miller left the project, there were many reshoots and things didn’t look great, even the trailers for me didn’t really help until the last ones.

But then I saw it, and I have to say, the genre of comic book movies is more alive then ever, movie after movie they have been blowing our minds and for me, Deadpool is up there with the best ones.

This movie is better than the original because of the simple fact of the creative force love for the source material and more they love the fans of the source material, they listen and were able to figure out what people loved and were missing in the first and give us more of it.

But then were smart to understand that they didn’t need to go overboard and make it a huge budget movie with fifty characters and plots going all over, don’t get me wrong it’s bigger, you definitely see where the budget went but it still feels like a contained story about wade.

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They way they do that is all about the characters, every single character in this movie is amazing, they all know why they are there and what are their roles.

Ryan Reynolds proved in the original that he is Deadpool, there is no one else that could pull this off as he did, on this one he does it again.
The x-force is amazing and its perfectly used as they should, having a really important role in this movie that I can’t really explain with no spoilers.

We have a perfect Domino played by Zazie Beetz, she is not the Domino we had in the comics, no she as nothing in common with that one, not even talking about the physical part, her personality is completely different and this version is perfect for this movie.

Russell is a character that will grow on you and the chemistry with Deadpool is amazing, also he will be a character with a surprising arc to follow.

Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead are always perfect as the sidekick characters.

But if we talk about a standout we need to just clap for the year that Josh Brolin is having, after doing a perfect job with Thanos he brings another perfect performance to the role of Cable.
I was the first one to have doubts about the look of him has cable, for me, my Cable was Stephen Lang, well Josh made me eat my words.
His balance with pain and dry comedic timing is perfect and he looks like he could kick the ass of anyone he is facing, and this is all without going deep into his character and motivations, something I expect they will do in future movies.

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So all this for me was enough to make it better than the first one, it added so much more, but what makes me say it might even be better than “Infinity war”?

To start it’s self-contained, you can literally take anyone to see this movie, even if they didn’t saw the first they will get it and love it.

It finishes, it leaves doors open for a sequel but this story is done and you don’t need to wait for a second movie for the end of the story.

The scale, it grew but you still see places for it to go, Infinity war is at some points so big that you just don’t see how it can get any better.

The fun factor, this is a great movie, with great writing, great characters, and performances but you can also just turn off your brain and have fun, “Infinity War” demands so much more from you.

And believe it or not I was way more surprised from all the things that Deadpool pulled during the movie, there was so many cool easter eggs, references, characters, cameos that I ever expected.

My hat is off for the team that created the trailers and marketing materials, this is how you create a trailer, you will know what I am talking about after watching the movie.

And the final cherry on the cake was the best ever after credit scene, this alone was worth the price of the ticket.

So in conclusion and not going into spoilers this movie will blow your mind, surprise you and make you laugh so so much and for that, it deserves 5 stars.

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