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Horror movies are supposed to make you scream, right?
So why is “A quiet place” the only horror movie that you will never scream?


Horror movies are one of the easiest genres to make money;

they cost almost nothing, it uses set formulas that are easy to follow and even when they not great, people will still see them even and sometimes also have fun.

Creating good ones, well that is a different story, that is why there are very few masterpieces in this genre, and especially in the last couple of years.
Blumhouse is a name that is making a difference and is bringing some good things in a pretty consistent way, but there is another trend starting to emerge.

Last year we got one of the best horror movies in years, “Get out” was genius and was recognized by everyone even the Oscars (check our Oscar review here), on top of that made millions with a tiny budget.
Behind that movie was a director that is recognized by is comedian work Jordan Peele, this was his first movie behind the camera and won an Oscar for its amazing script.

Fast forward to this year, and we have an almost exact copy;

a movie with a tiny budget that is doing millions, getting loads of fantastic reviews and it is John Krasinski first film.
John Krasinski just like Jordan Peele is known by his comedy work; he was part of the show “The office” with Steve Carell.

So why are comedians showing so much talent for horror movies?
Well, that question is still not clear, maybe because they know how to build up to then deliver the punch line at the right time.

quiet place unyolo

If we analyze this two movies, there is one thing in common, the tempo;

they never rush, never feel like they have to speed up the story to get that jump scare, they both work with ambient and anticipation.
More then scare you they want you to fall in love with their characters and fell disturbed when something happens to them.

But the “A quiet place” is unique, it feels like a big movie stuck into a claustrophobic small story, it has prominent actors, it has top special effects and feels like it can grow and expand, its no surprise they already have a sequel in the works.

And congratulations are also in order to Paramount, in the recent months, maybe even years they have not been getting a lot of hits and many times with movies just like this they been very lazy and just sticking the Cloverfield name behind this properties, it worked with “10 Cloverfield Lane”  it failed with “The Cloverfield Paradox”, this could easily fit in that universe, but it would hurt the movie.

So congratulation to Paramount for believing in it as an original movie.

It’s impressive how the use of sound in this movie makes the environment so intense; you feel the anxiety, how the characters are always on the edge, the expression in their faces when in the beginning the little boy picks up a simple toy is incredible.

This movie makes the most mundane event of our day a challenge and the stress that this movie generates in us is impressive.

quiet place unyolo

Emily Blunt is terrific she makes you believe that she is a badass and would face all this with not letting a sound out, her chemistry with John Krasinski without using almost no words is terrific and so real that makes us care about their losses.

But the kids are the ones that I feel for, they steal the show.

Millicent Simmonds is fantastic, we go on a trip with her, at some points we just want to grab her and slap her, wake her up to reality.

As the movie goes along we understand her and how her disability plus her guilt affects her and her actions, and in her arc we see her regaining control.

If I have to raise a flaw in this movie and justify why it doesn’t get a perfect 5-star rating, it would be the way many of the things are set up just for the final result;

why is a small kid left at the end of the group when walking back home?

Why doesn’t the dad gives him the spaceship and gets the batteries away, not just leave them both there at is reach?

How does a nail all over a sudden show like that in the stair, it’s perfectly stuck in a way it would never happen.

The sound is the key, they have set a bunch of fireworks around when they are in trouble why not create other sound sources to make sure they protected or even chose to live next to a waterfall or anything that sound would hide them.

But this is normal they need to set actions to get a reaction from their characters and public, but just a few could be better setup, still, it doesn’t matter.

So in a few very quiet words, this movie is excellent, it’s the movie that M. Night Shyamalan tried to do with “Signs” but couldn’t do it with this kind of perfection, it’s well directed and incredibly well executed by someone we can expect many more great things.

Final score

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